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No one ever knew social media would play such a vital role in shaping people’s careers – from blogging to social media manager, it has opened several new opportunities for people. But, the blogging industry has had a very steep rise considering how every second teen wishes to be a successful blogger nowadays.

The blogging industry has risen after 2014 and started considering it as a career in 2017. Now, so many have been able to be self-employed in this industry. Recently it was seen that most teenagers were inspired to be the digital creator.

However, there is no considerable course to become a blogger or influencer in the college. But now, it’s happening after the big creators realize to share blogging knowledge to the aspirants, and in the form of course these creators also generate revenue by selling their courses.

We host an interview where we also get to learn that many of the aspirant creators and bloggers have started learning themselves by following relevant creators or by watching tutorials on youtube.

Here is a list of such young, beautiful and talented people, primarily located in Delhi with their wings reaching out to the world.

1. Insha Ghai

This one is a biggie! Bringing you straight from the world of fashion, Insha Ghai, proudly boats over 609K ever-growing followers. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. With knowledge in the world of finance, and strong faith in her Fashion sense, Insha, is ruling both the Fs.

2. Mehak Ghai

She is also a fashion blogger but not just any fashion blogger. She is proudly growing in Beauty and travel blogging as well, people love her. That is what can be understood by 425k followers, she proudly hosts. She is also a YouTuber and an ex-contestant of a reality show.

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3. Niki Mehra

Her passion for fashion is well understood the fact that she is a fashion entrepreneur herself! With over 276k followers, her fashion-centered content is not something you want to miss out on. She is also a fitness enthusiast and motivates her followers to lead a healthy lifestyle.

4. Kritika Khurana

Her Instagram will tell you that she is the typical Delhi girl, with a twist you just cannot expect. We know nothing is perfect, but this girl’s perfect Instagram feed will compel you to immediately hit the follow button.

5. Komal Pandey

Recognized by Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Blog, runs her own Youtube channel, and believes that fashion is her therapy. The name might sound old school, but her Instagram feed speaks otherwise.

6. Kusha Kaplia

Kusha is one of the top influencers in India with 1.5 mn followers! She first gained popularity for her fictional character, Billi Maasi and parodies of South Delhi girls. Kusha’s videos are a riot and you wouldn’t be able to keep yourself from laughing out loud. The video on her first waxing experience was the highest viewed at 3.6 mn engaging her fans at over 240%! Her overall engagement with the audience stands at 10%! 

7. Cherry Jain

Another influencer whose name crops up often when it comes to la mode in Delhi is Cherry. She’s a video content creator featuring fashion, DIYs, and her crazy life. We are sure it’s bound to be a li’l crazy what with her being one of the top fashion influencers having 189k Instagram followers.

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8. Sukriti

The 339k admirers of Sukriti on Instagram are witness to the fact that this immensely talented fashion influencer is not just a mistress of style, but also humour.

9. Niharika Jain

This tiny Instagrammer with 412k followers embodies a dynamite-sized proficiency when it comes to less vetements.

Niharika posts a lot of “How to” videos explaining the right kind of poses, photography tips, makeup tricks, props usage, and loads more. This ensures a high engagement (almost 9%) with her followers who not only adore her elegant looks but also the tutorials.

10. Ishani Mitraa

Ishani loves fashion, dancing, and fitness. We love them too! Not a lot the final one though. The make-up workouts uploaded via way of means of her are a pleasure to look at and we completely dig them! They are a supply of proposals for lots of her followers. No surprise her “2 Ways to do a CAT EYELINER” video turned into her maximum attractive video at over 398k with an engagement price of virtually 300%! Do test out her Halloween-stimulated appearance for a few chills! Keep inspiring us, Ishani!

Top 10 most followed Instagram influencers in Delhi India, if you are looking to lunch brand camping with any of these bloggers and influencers, you may proceed. Contact at their respective social media handles.

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