15 Stylish Finger Mehndi Design, Abhi Deko!

Stylish finger mehndi design

There is absolutely no Indian celebration without the Mehndi! Over the years, mehndi designs have acquired an artistic edge which makes us admire them even more.

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Each element of your henna plays a role in its fruition, including finger mehndi designs. Whether it’s bridal mehndi design, kids mehndi design, or mehndi design for wedding guests, finger henna can add to the charm of your overall design

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Stylish finger mehndi design

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From elaborate to minimal, there’s something for every kind of woman on this list. Keep scrolling and save your favorites as you go along.

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Neatly Done Jaal Pattern

Jaal mehndi pattern always looks pretty and attractive. Whether done on the hands or as a finger mehndi design, its charm can work anywhere.

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Leafy Pattern Finger Mehndi Design

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Done using traditional mehndi elements – leaves and florals, this one’s is easy and beautiful at the same time

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Yet again, just the finger mehndi would work amazingly as your entire back henna.

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Finger Mehndi For The Minimal Brides!

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Intimate weddings require minimalist ideas! So if you are looking for a minimalist yet attractive mehndi design, the search ends here.

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Pair it with a nude nail paint and floral jewelry for a lovely look.

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Traditional Arabic Mehndi Design

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A breathable pattern that exudes modish vibes. It’s also easy to make for a beginner. Pair it up with a bright nail paint and add a few rings to enhance it’s glamour.

6. Finger Mehendi Design

This mehndi design would look great on traditional wear as well as Indo-western outfits.

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