Top 5 Travel Youtubers In India by Bgs Raw

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Guys/Folks this will really interesting post to read on topic Top 5 Travel Youtubers In India by Bgs Raw. So today Youtube has created sustainable and a better job on Internet, and many of us have already enggaged to its own job as a creator. So many creators are making amazing videos, example- as travel vlogger, commedy channels, fashion, cooking, technology, music, dance etc. And if you want to create your own do not delay to start now.
So, the main topic we will talk on this post is about Travel Vloggers & Youtubers. There are lots of passionate peoples who are really very exicited to explore new places and go through the world. And so they would able to create there own sustainable job for thereselves.
So as by survey by Bgs Raw and Teams we found this five channels which give interesting travel contents and also they have succed to grow the creator in 2019 very fast. Also peoples like to enjoy there videos very much 😃

Top 5 Travel Youtubers In India 2019

Kritika Goel is an Indian Youtuber and vlogger Top 5 travel youtuber in india by bgs raw
Credit: Kritika Goel - Bgs Raw
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1. Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel really deserve the first position on our website Bgs Raw, because consistency and her work really show off the result. She already upload 12 videos in the start of 2019 and it's on regular. Most of the videos she create are travel videos. Basically she upload video on every Tuesday and Saturday. Her channel have reached 90k + subscriber and she have already uploaded 117 videos. Exclusive Social Interview with Kritika. Read here
''Author: Hi there, I’m Kritika! I’m from India and I upload lifestyle and travel videos every Tuesday and Saturday, and through my videos, I hope to entertain and inspire. It would mean the world to me if you subscribe to my channel and join the Kikster squad''
💧 Location: India
📆 Since: 2007
💬 Channel: Click Here

Credit: Tanya Khanijow - Bgs Raw

2. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is also very hard working as it shows itself and she uploaded 03 videos in the start of 2019. Her channel is created long time ago, but now she is very consistent from two years ago. Her video are also very much stunning with including guide to new visitors. And also she has gained her subscriber at very soon. The total subscriber she reached is 131k + and 57 videos on are on Youtube.
"Author: Hi Guys, I'm Tanya Khanijow. I'm a Travel Vlogger, solo travel enthusiast and travel Film Maker. Follow along for some epic adventures and travel stories that will make you travel vicariously and leave you wanting more from life!"
💧 Location: India
📆 Since: 2012
💬 Channel: Click Here

Nishit is the owner of channel Hopping Bug, Top 5 Travel Youtuber in India by Bgs Raw
Credit: Hopping Bug - Bgs Raw

3. Hopping Bug

Hopping Bug is organised by Nishit, and we show his videos are most proffesional. Most of videos are been shoot by drone camera. And also his videos never get you bored. The total subscriber this channel reached is 86k + and the total videos uploaded is 101.
"Author: I believe that the simplest way of understanding the place is to be able to see it. With a vision of helping others follow the same bliss, I share my experiences through fun travel videos and tangible tips that would help you plan your trip."
💧 Location: India
📆 Since: 2014
💬 Channel: Click Here
rohit owns the youtube channel oll free traveller, top 5 travel youtuber in india by bgs raw
Credit: Toll Free Traveller - Bgs Raw

4. Toll Free Traveller

Rohith own's the channel Toll Free Traveller and he is also very hard working and upload videos on topics like Travel, Adventure, Motorcycle etc. The channel itself show the working on the contents. His channel is created in 2016. And also he has gained 53k + subscriber. And till he uploaded 72 videos on Youtube.
"Author: I spent some years being a lawyer in Mumbai (India). Until, one day, I decided to pack my bags and set off to go find out whether my passion for travel and creative pursuits were actually as fabulous as they seemed to be in my head."
💧 Location: India
📆 Since: 2016
💬 Channel: Click Here
Radhika Nomllers is an youtube channel top 5 travel vlogger in india, exclusive on bgs raw
Credit: Radhika Nomllers - Bgs Raw

5. Radhika Nomllers

During our five days survey we found this channel on the name Radhika Nomllers, and we checked there social medias accounts. And we found that she is really working hard to create new videos, every week. The videos was also quite fine with lots of guide included, but we don't know why the subscribers are too low on her channel. The total sbuscriber she reached is 1.4k + and her total videos is 27.
"Author: I have been traveling full time for a year now and love to document every bit of my jounrey. Hope this channel helps you in planning your travels a little better."
💧 Location: India
📆 Since: 2017
💬 Channel: Click Here

Hey audience by co-incidence the Top 5 Travel Youtubers In India, we listed above seems to be arranged as in the year there channel was created, if you've notice it. So, we would like to inform you all visitor,s that we noticed it after our survey only and created as if co-incidence. And we do not listed this Youtube Creators on the year basic. We listed it on the basis of audiende interest and peoples enggaged to this channels only. Do not claim for it!

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So guys thanks for being here to know the Top 5 Travel Youtubers In India by Bgs Raw of the year 2019. Also we thanks to all the creators and there hardwork they are doing to create and additional attention to the nature, by which peoples love to enjoy. We really appreciate and wish all the best to grow more subscriber's. And go enggaged with there fans. We also thanks to all our visitors on Bgs Raw, and if you comment back to tell us about the work we are doing here 😃