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Buy Website Domain Name - The Failure Story of

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bgs raw story about buying the website

Hey peoples, welcome to this post to read about domains and how did we buy The Failure Story of Bgs Raw. How to Buy Domain, it is something that we feel like after purchasing, we will become rich by getting one of domain name. So guys some of you are very exicited to buy domain name. But once you realised that just you've just waste your money. Because you buyied without creating your goal to work on it. Only buying domain name is not enough, you must have little skills on it. Many of us buy domain only to earn money on internet, so I must tell without working earning is not possible. So in this post will tell you How did we buy domain bgsraw? Will tell you all the story.

Before knowing about domain, you must know the buyer and the owner, so the owner was myself Bikram Kr Singh, a digital enterpurner. I was not very exicited about domain during my schooling. But ones I suddenly heard about blog & blogging I was very curious about it, to know what is blogging? At that time I own an querty phone, which was also non-made India. And I was doing my research on that very deeply. At that time my internet was not so good and also my smart phone. Using the internet for long the phone was getting heat up. So I quite it and start doing another work.

As the time back I was also wants to establish my own company. So the company was like starting a music lebel to realesed song through my company. But as the lack of knowledge, I couldn't start. Later I joined the Digital India Scheme in Common Service Center and start working for citizens and providing the digital services. But my mind always divert to do something eles greater than this. So I  thought to start an Youtube channel, as already I own two channel where I was uploading my cover songs and in the other I thought to do lots of another work and creativity but all fails. And I couldn't give up because still "I have hope in myself till the life is exist." Later again I thought to start blog and blogging as I mentioned above the curiousness. And I buyied a domain called and start writing something. But due to lack of topic suggestion, I was posting the few articles. Again my mind suddenly divert to another option.

While in a day I was using my instagram, there I show lots of posts and they were influnce on instagram. And I got my new idea to promote this people on my website. So slowly I put effort in this topic and created "The Bgs Raw Social Magazine." Where we stated taking interview on the social media itself and featuring them on our website, by which all such influnce stars would be know to the new people on Internet. And now I'm looking to create a team and work together.

Also I've my own skill's on acting and making fun moment, as I was created such skill's during my school, and have performed a lot. So I want to boost this skill's and to work on Youtube, for that I was have little trouble, because our house construction was delay, so not able to start earlier. But I was ready with the script. And ready to work on Youtube channel as artist. And decided to promote alll the content on the official website of Bgs Raw.

Guy this is my short story written by myself about on the Buy Website Domain Name - The Failure Story of So in the next article I will tell you about How to Buy Website Domain Name. So I'll also try to give you idea to choose unique name for your domain name.

So, thanks for reading this post article on Buy Website Domain Name - The Failure Story of . If you could share this post on your social media handle it would be pleasure.😄
Bikram covers entertainment, culture, interviews. While he is also the owner and founder of Bgs Raw Media. Find me on Twitter @bikramkrsingh1

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