The Social Magazine Interview With Khushboo Bagri - Fashion Blogger Exclusively From Kolkata

The Social Magazine Interview With Khushboo Bagri - Fashion Blogger Exclusively From Kolkata. Fashion Blogger from kolkata Models Hot models interview
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This is our exclusive interview with Khushboo Bagri from Kolkata, West Bengal on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview and that's all about the hottest social stars/models/actors/youtubers which you can read them here. An EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the girls-boys next door behind the social fire and so Bgs Raw has started there social magazine. And here we are introducing another guest from Kolkata, the very beautiful and talented Khushboo Bagri, Fashion Blogger.

Khushboo is now involved in fashion and owns a blog where she explore latest fashion and today's trends. She already has written many blog posts on fashion. Her hard work and talent helped her to grab the lot attention. She has also done NIFT and graduation in from Bhawanipur College in Kolkata.

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Credit: Khushboo Bagri - Bgs Raw

Let us know more about her from Khushboo:

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am based out of Kolkata have done my post grad from NIFT Kolkata I have always been inclined towards fashion.

2. How did you get inspired to involved in the fashion?

Like I was telling earlier I have always had an inclination towards fashion, what to wear, how to mix and match, I wanted to take that up as my career hence I joined NIFT and started my blogging journey one year ago!

3. What is your goal & the future plan?

Currently my plans are to continue working on my blog with a job side by side. I would still like to explore new things. My future plan is to be successful and happy in whatever I do and yes to see my blog become very successful. Who knows may be then I could start my own brand.

4. Let us know about you blogs & its articles?

Well I mostly write about fashion and lifestyle  But I am keen on exploring other arreys such as travel and food

5. How did you do the course NIFT?

I did my graduation from Bhawanipur college in Kolkata and then I went on to do my master's in fashion management from NIFT

6. Have you been ever offered a job?

Yes, NIFT has placement facilities but at that point I wasn't ready to shift from Kolkata and job opportunities in Kolkata especially in the fashion industry is difficult and so I started freelancing as a social media person.

7. Tell us how people can create a career oppourtinity in this field and how did you creat for yourself?

Oh fashion has always been given importance. I studied fashion because I had an interest towards that. There are people who are good in designing, people who write well. If you want to take up fashion as a career there are schools and colleges for that. I am personally persuing my passion by writing and showing the world what my fashion sense is in a way which can be informative to people. And I intend to use my academic knowledge to work with fashion brands. And hence keep a balance beteewn both so that I also get an advantage for my blog

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Credit: Khushboo Bagri - Bgs Raw

8. What did you think to become in your chidhood?

I used to think I would become a chef.

9. Beside your career what things do you like and what bores you?

I like dancing. If something becomes repetative for me then I become bored. I need to keep exploring new things for this reason.

10. Have you participated in any fashion show?

No but I have walked (Ramp) during college.

11. How long will you remember our The Bgs Raw ocial Magazine?

I'll definitely spread the word there are alot of bloggers out there who are worth being noticed.  I'll always remember your magazine as techniqually you are the first managzine to take my interview

12. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about NIFT.

Well you definitely need to have an eye for fashion plus a little bit of hard work to prepare for the entrance exams.
You should definitely live your passion most importantly do what you love. If you can manage to live your passion with work nothing like it!

13. Have you collaborated with brands? When was your first collaboration.

Yes I have, a year ago. It was a boutique called splurge.

14. How people can reach you?

You can reach me on instagram and facebook too! Links: Instagram Facebook  Blog

Credit: Khushboo Bagri - Bgs Raw
Author: Hey Khushboo Bagri, we thank you very much from our team The Bgs Raw Social Magazine. Wish you all the best for your passion and you may achieve more than you deserve.

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