The Social Magazine Interview With Youtube Sensation Shreya Karmakar

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Hey there folks!
This is our exclusive interview with Shreya Karmakar from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview and that's all about the hottest social stars/models/actors/YouTubers which you can read them here. An EXCLUSIVE interview reveals the girls-boys next door behind the social fire and so Bgs Raw has started there social magazine. And here we are introducing another guest from Jharkhand, the very beautiful and talented Shreya Karmakar, Youtuber/Singer/Performer. She is also continuing her studies with the YouTube career.

Shreya is now a singing sensation on YouTube. She already uploaded many videos on YouTube. Her hard work and talent helped her to grab a lot of attention and she is very popular on the social platform. Currently, she has 298k fans on YouTube.

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Credit: Shreya Karmakar - Bgs Raw

Let us know more about her from Shreya:

Q. Hey tell us something about yourself?

Hey! Sure.. I’m shreya Karmakar. I live in Jamshedpur. I am currently studying company secretory and have been learning classical music from past 10 years.( actually more than 10yrs)

Q. Who inspire you or influnced you the most & how?

A lot of people inspires me actually.. Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam Sir, Palak Mucchal, Shreya Ghoshal ma’am. Palak Ma’am is doing so much for the society that also inspires me a lot to be a better person in life. Neha Kakkar! I mean being an outsider she managed to be the most successful singer in our country.

Q. Let us know your opinion about the mordern musical age?

If we talk about Bollywood, I don’t like how they are making remix of every song now days. And they don’t give chance to new talents. For example if Arijit Singh is popular then suddenly every new song is in Arijit’s voice. I love Arijit but as a listener also I would like to here a new fresh voice sometimes.
And thankfully nowadays people are listing to independent artist also. So that’s good!

Q. What preparations do you make before your concerts and creating a new video on YouTube?

We rehearse together for 4-5 days for like 1-2 hrs with the band before the concert.

For YouTube video it’s like a routine I’m constantly thinking of a new song, I make a schedule and according to that I record, I shoot, then I upload.
For both concerts and videos I need my voice to sound good so I do Riaz every day and I take care of my throat and I’m sorted.

Q. What are the qualities should a singer posses?

I think a good singer should
i). Sing in sur,
ii). They should sing with emotions , we need to feel and make our listeners feel something when we sing.
iii). And thirdly I feel like a singer need to be good at heart, I feel like Agar Aap Dil se Sabke Liye Accha Sochoge Toh hi Aapke Music me wo Sukun Ayegi.
iv). Lastly I think every singer should  know how to play at least one instruments. It helps.

Q. Any hardship you face in this field?

Haters are there, some of them have subscribed to my channel so that they can unlike my video. And some times they get really personal, i feel like if someone don’t like my voice they can simply say that why do they get so personal and why are they so rude. But I understand it’s social media.

Other then that I know some people who is a little jealous. You know when you know someone for so long, you have given auditions together and suddenly they talk bad about you just because you achieved something, that hurts.

Q. What did you think to become in the childhood?

I have always wanted to become a singer. But I had no clue how. Thankfully now I kinda know how. My parents always wanted me to have a normal job. That’s why I’m still studying company secretory.

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?

I don’t plan a lot to be honest. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next year also. I plan for short term goals. And everything else just falls into place.
But my ultimate goal is to be happy in life.
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Credit: Shreya Karmakar - Bgs Raw

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?

My mother have always supported me. When I stared my YouTube channel no one supported me except my mother. Now everyone supports me but still my father wants me to have a secure job and then follow my passion.

Q. Beside your career, what things do you like and what makes you bored?

I like painting, I like journaling, I have an obsession of collecting cute notebooks.
I don’t like to go to parties. I don’t like crowd. I get really bored in parties.

Q. How long will you remember us The Bgs Raw Social Magazine?

Haha! This was my first online interview so I’ll always remember this.

Q. Cany you give any idea to upcoming artist about the arts & music?

Yeah! Do what you love never stop just because someone else think you can’t do it. And always have patience. And never compromise your studies.

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Credit: Shreya Karmakar - Bgs Raw

Q. When was your first collaboration with very famous artist and any brands?

In November 2018, I did a promotional video for Mr. A R Rehman’s show. That was surreal I still can’t believe that happened.
Brands I worked with They were super sweet.

Q. Any artist from our film industry you like to work with?

I would love to work with everyone. But it’s my dream to work with A R Rehman sir.

Q. Any message you wanna give to our audience and your fans?

I am what I am just because of my fans. I love them. I just want to say thank you! you guys know how special you are for me ❤

Q. How people can reach you?

My fan can reach me through social media. For shows & business inquiry contact via email: Social links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Author: Hey Shreya Karmakar, we thank you very much from our team The Bgs Raw Social Magazine. Wish you all the best for your passion and you to achieve more than you deserve.

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