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Motivational Talk: Not The Way Just The Goal To Follow - Bikram Kr Singh

Motivational Talk: Not The Way Just The Goal To Follow - Bikram Kr Singh, motivational blog, bikram kr singh youtube, bgs raw

When it's come to our mind about our goal, we basically thought of big that might be a wonder. But as the time you grow up automatically, our thought used to change. So, if we always change our goal it will be very DANGER for our future. Because one doesn't stay with a normal mind as between the changes takes place in us, our society, and as everyone. So this is not the way just the goal to follow.

So before going ahead let me introduce myself, ImBikram, founder of Bgs Raw do write on any topic which relates me or my society. So you may inspire through my personal blog. And let go ahead again:

As the topic is (Not The Way Just The Goal To Follow), and I believe that passion is also a goal. So before knowing the goal must tell about PASSION. So the passion is something by which an individual inspired to be involved with the work or things or services and have dedication through it. If you have any passion and if you create it to be your goal, you can go for this. By the way, people sometimes forget about the benefits of there passion or sometimes they are not able to find the benefit in that passion he/she has, which is also may be a danger for your future. By passion, you can be attached with that goal of your interest as these days all know. But in today's generation, many will not support the passion, they will be educated for any goal only. But do you know this can also be dangerous because when you have already decided about the goal which is your passion? And in between if you think for goal, this means that you are changing your interest and it may not last for further.

So, let me tell about the goal. And if I think about it, I get confused about this because there are millions of goal, which one to choose among them. Now can raise your question that "Choose any as your wish, and as you think you can go with in future?" This is one of the most confusing lines, that can be heard by your near ones. This is also a big mistake in your career to decided about your future. I must tell to go with that goal, which is also your passion and you must have an interest and also if you think you can dedicate yourself for that particular goal.

Before ending my words I like to thanks all visitors to my personal blog imbikram - Bikram Kr Singh. As you all know about me that I write on any topic which suddenly comes to mind, and I love sharing my words on the Internet. If you love this motivation post do not forget to comment below. And follow me on social media I'm super active there:

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