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Bikram Kr Singh At Google Webmaster Confrence - Representing Bgs Raw,, google conference cover, lenom tree premier patna

Hey there folks, ImBikram owner of Bgs Raw representing at Google Webmaster Conference. So I'll let you know the experience at the conference hall. So basically the invitation was given by Google itself.

The webmaster conference is all about the knowledge and related to the internet. In the month of May, the invitation was sent by blog, email, etc. And I registered for the same and got final confirmation to present at the conference.

There we had to do registration before entering the main hall. Also, Google promoter who works as a volunteer. They will check your confirmation mail as the QR code was sent earlier. After confirmation, they will provide a goodie, such as a carry bag in which it includes a diary, a pen, a manual pamphlet contain the region/agenda of the conference, a pencil, and a hotel rough copy.

After entering the hall and before sitting together for google conference they provide tea and biscuits, so have tea and finally, we entered the conference room. And the experts start introducing themselves. And then they start discussing the main agenda of the conference. And so the conference continuously held for three to fours hours and after that, they give break for lunch, this takes nearly one & a half hours to two hours.

Now after lunch and before starting the second session, it was told for the photography session which took something fifteen to thirty minutes. After photography again the conference was started. And the same agenda with different topics were covered. This also continuously held for nearly three to three & a half hours. And again we got a break for tea for nearly one & half hours.

So before ending the confrence, I collected lots of memories with the experts meeting new creators, bloggers friends. Got clicked photograph with the experts and friends too. Talking and discussing the blogger platform to update, with some new features, so that we can sustain beautifully on it. Also get good response about it.

The lunch was very tasty and well cooked and lots of flavoured dishes were avail. Non-veg & veg both were available.

And finally, the conference was ended after the QnA session at six PM evening. And I got back to home to relax since it was very hot and the temperature was something 37 - 39-degree Celsius.

Check my images at Google Conference: here

Google conference was added to me with new knowledge and boot up my thinking about the internet. And I am started applying the same to my own website on Bgs Raw, which is basically about the new people and their story. We publish Social magazine over there you can check it out. Also check special photographs with Asia's Google Outreach Lead & experts here




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