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Mia Khalifa Latest News

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Bgs Raw News: The adult film actress, Mia Khalifa, revealed in her latest interview that she only made a total of $12K from her time in the industry(the total sum in INR is Rs 8.5 lakhs).

As per a report in VICE, she had only worked in this industry for three months, but her name remains one of the most popular names, and she also becomes the most searched for adult videos in 2018.

Mia Khalifa become the subject of controversy in 2014 when she was featured in one of the adult film(video) with the dress called hijab, and she was threats death from some of the organization like isis. As the objection was meant for religious violation by wearing the traditional dress.

In a recent interview with Megan Abbott Khalifa clarifies a lot of the things & misconceptions of the adult film industry.

"A lot of things online are wrong. Most of them still claim that I do porn. I haven't done porn in five years," she tells Abbott. Along with this, she also dispels how much she made in her brief career in the industry."
In a clips she posted on Twitter handle and on Youtube too, she clarifies this, also sharing how it wasn't "sunshine and flowers" after she quit the p**n industry and tried to enter the workforce.

"People think I’m racking in millions from p**n. Completely untrue. I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that. It's was very difficult to find a normal job after quitting and back from p**n was very scary."
According to Post from NY, she went on to become a sports presenter after leaving the porn industry, and she hopes to continue working in that field.

She also claimed that "Everybody deserves to get a second chance, isn't it. Everybody has a past they're may not proud of," and so she also shares as part of a conversation she had with someone in the interview.

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