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What was the real name of Kishore Kumar, the legendary singer of the century who used new songs in Bollywood songs, and what happened that he was in conflict with the then Prime Minister of the country Indira Gandhi

We all know Kishore Kumar was a singer, an actor and a multitalented artist. He was considered as a divine avatar for his songs in the past(which is now known to Golden Era). Do you know what was the real name of Kishore Kumar, the legendary singer of the century who used to create new songs in Bollywood and do you know what happened that he was in conflict with then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi?
Let's know some similar stories related to his life.
Some Unkown fact of Kishore Kumar. What happened with India's Prime Minister Indiria Gandhi Banned Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar Unknown Facts:

Kishore Kumar was born in Advocate KUnji Lal Ganguly's house in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh on August 4, 1929. He was named Abhash Kumar Ganguly. And later this fame was known as the greatest Kishore Kumar in the Indian Cinema Industry.

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Start of career:
In the year 1969, producer-director Shakti Samant's film, 'Aradhna', made Kishore Kumar the uncrowned king of the world of music. For this film, romantic songs like 'Mere Sapne Ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tu' and 'Roop Tera Mastana' made Kishore the king of people's hearts. For 'Roop Tera Mastana', Kishore Kumar received the first film fare as a singer.

What happende with PM Upset with Kishore Kumar
Indira Gandhi is upset:
It is said that Kishore Kumar got a call from Vidya Charan Shukla who handled Indira Gandhi's propaganda. The caller had offered Kishore to give his voice to a song composed for Indira Gandhi's 20-point Emergency program. Kishore asked why should he sing this song, so the caller said that this is the order of Information and Broadcasting Minister VC Shukla. Upon hearing the order, Kishore Kumar got scared and he dumped the caller and said - mad(pagal).

And after which Indira Gandhi banned Kishore Kumar's songs. Not only this, but the sale of Gramophone Records of Kishore Kumar's songs was also banned.

As in the year 1987, Kishore Kumar decided that after retiring from films, he will return to his village Khandwa. But the time was somewhat different. Suddenly he suffered a heart attack on 13 October 1987 and said goodbye to this world.

And now we're really missing this great legend in our industry. This was some unknown fact we collected on Kishore Kumar and all about him.

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