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Let You Plan Your Winter Trek in Dhauladhar Range Dalhousie

Let You Plan Your Winter Trek in Dhauladhar Range Dalhousie Schedule your trip, choose the best package for your trek and get ready to experience one of the best winters of your lifetime at Dalhousie. Travellers of India
Let You Plan Your Winter Trek in Dhauladhar Range Dalhousie. Bgs Raw Travel Blog. Book your vacation on oyo room. Trivago, honeymoon travel.
Winter Trek in Dhauladhar Range, Dalhousie
Now that we are nearing winters, its’ time we plan for a trip to make the best out of this season. Everybody wishes they spend at least one of their winters around snow-clad mountains in a lifetime, and we have got you a highly recommended suggestion to do so.

Spend a splendid time this winter with a trek in the Dhauladhar Range in Dalhousie with YHAI. The hill station Dalhousie is located in Himachal Pradesh and is close to the picturesque Dhauladhar Range and lies between the snow-clad mountains. It is recommended that you find at least a week’s time to cover all the possible locations during this trek, but there are treks available for lesser days also. One can research it and find the best possible and suitable itinerary.

Dalhousie is located 6900 feet high and this town has colonial touch, it is one of the main reasons as the aura of Dalhousie is worth experiencing. The magnificent lush green patches and the beautiful views on the snow-covered mountains would take you closer to nature ultimately resulting in the best time you can feel peace and calm, far away from your busy life with serenity.

Walk in the foothills of the Dhauladhar Range, pass remote tribal villages and stop by them to know the local culture and tradition. During your trek, you walk through many Gaddi villages. A semi-nomadic shepherd tribe known as Gaddi locally and their primary occupation is rearing of sheep and goat and also agriculture. They are known to be spending their summers on the mountains and they come back to the plains of Kangra with their flock of sheep and goat during the winter season.
During your trek to Dalhousie, which is the starting point, you can progress towards McLeod Ganj and to Boh and Kanol villages for sight-seeing, food and stay. Batuni village has Lingru Nag Temple as one of the main attractions.

The trek is full of visiting the beautiful and culture-rich villages like Kareri, Khari Behi, Rawa, Bahl and more. Visit Galu temple by crossing the Bhated River through the forest. Climb all the way to Triund which has Dhauladhar Range on one side and the gorgeous Kangra Valley on the other. Overnight stay is available here.

Visit Kalatop Wild Sanctuary, Khajjar, and Chambar during your trek. While returning back to Dalhousie, stop by a small glacier called the Laka Got at Triund, which is also called the snow-line. Food and staying facilities are available here. Dharamsala a downhill can offer the finest stretch of trekking in the mountains. A beautiful waterfall can be seen near at the Bhagsu Nag village near the Hindu temple. Most of the trek packages start and end at Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala.

We have covered all the best places one can cover during the winter trek. It is recommended that one chooses the best itinerary which suits them for this trek. Though the packages cover a rough of all the above-mentioned locations, there are chances that the available packages do not have all the locations.

Schedule your trip, choose the best package for your trek and get ready to experience one of the best winters of your lifetime at Dalhousie.

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