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Creative Photographer Pankaj Kumar's Interview With Bgs Raw Social Magazine

Bgs Raw Interviews : Portrait Photographer Pankaj Kumar's Interview With Bgs Raw Social Magazine. Madhubani Artwork and other paintings along with an aesthetic view of Ganga. Apart from that, Takht Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara and Kangan Ghat opposite
bgs raw interview : Pankaj Kumar Photographer's Interview with Bgs Raw Magazine. Photographer in patna. Gandi Setu, Image

Bgs Raw Interviews: In this new interview article we have featured a popular photographer who is from Patna. He has already done many shoots and works with a lot of part-time models in the city. He told us that he is a govt. civil engineer and does photography as a part-time. He has also collaborated with few brands and has a keen interest in shooting portraits, travel, street, photography. He also shares information regarding Tips & Growth on his another Instagram page, you will get the handle in the conversation itself.

We interacted with him and aks many questions about photography and its stuff. We hope you will love reading the conversation. Do not forget to give your reaction below.
This is independence day photoshoot of Pankaj Kumar with India flag. The photo was clicked by the help fo the friend


Q. So tell us how did you inspire to be a photographer?
I have always been an observer of things around me. It ranges from walking along the street noticing banners to observing the behavior of people around me. Meanwhile, I had an interest in clicking pictures back from the days of the film camera when I had Kodak KB10 point and shoot camera. As I explored photography further, I realized that it is a means by which I can channelize my minute momentarily observation into still timeless photographs. Photography gave me the power to freeze time and preserve that moment.

Q. Apart from photography tell us about you?
I am a full-time Civil Engineer and Government Officer, currently serving Govt. of Bihar. I am born and brought up in Delhi. I did my bachelor's and post-graduation from Delhi and then shifted to Patna, Bihar due to job requirements. I am a movie buff and have watched most of the famous streaming TV Series you can name of. I love to travel and explore places. The table calendar on my office desk is always marked with the upcoming long holidays.

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?
I feel there is still a lot to explore and skillset to upgrade as far as my photography is concerned. After a brief stint with commercial photography, I decided to photograph the way I want and capture stories of people around me and my observations. I wish to create a positive impact on society and the people around me with my photographs.

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Q. How models approach you for shoots?
Most of them just drop a DM to me on Instagram.

Q. Any hardship you face in this field?
I started serious photography initially on my phone. Smartphones these days are capable enough to give you decent quality. When I bought DSLR, it was quite a challenging work to get used to a 2kg photography device hanging around your neck while walking kilometers capturing streets. Apart from settings, the problem with DSLR is you get extra attention in public wherever you go.

Q. Any popular model you have work with?
Most of the models I have worked with are full-time students or in a full-time job. They do model as a part-time hobby.
Pankaj is an photographer from Patna Bihar
Q. How photographers earn money?
With the digital revolution, people have started realizing the importance of Photographers. Photographers have become an important part of capturing all the major events of a person’s life. Right from Pre-wedding, Wedding, Baby Shoot, Fashion Portfolio, Birthday Parties, Events, you name it, photographers are required everywhere. A Photographer provides his service, he earns a good sum of money.

Q. How do you manage your shoots as well as your job?
I utilize early morning hours and Sundays to shoot and I edit my pics on phone during free hours of office or during the commute.

Q. Any experience you love to share with us about photography?
There are many. A few times it has occurred that people reach at my office to meet me and have a selfie with them. It’s good to hear that people feel inspired by your work. Once I was shooting at Patna Junction Railway Station and was almost caught by the Railway Police for trespassing the tracks for photography. A ton of such bittersweet experiences is there.

Q. Which are the best locations around Patna for the photoshoots?
For Portraits area along the Ghats is well adorned with Madhubani Artwork and other paintings along with an aesthetic view of Ganga. Apart from that, Takht Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara and Kangan Ghat opposite it has also nice aesthetic feel and have a lot of photographic material. For capturing streets, the area nearby Patna Junction, Gandhi Maidan, and Mithapur Bus-Stand is ideal as you can spot numerous morning activities happening in the areas.

Q. Have you collaborated with brands. Which are they?
I have collaborated with numerous brands like Daniel Wellington, Lensball, Wrap Cart and GoStops Hostel. Recently a collaboration pitched by an electronics brand with name undisclosed.

Q. On what would you spend your earned money.
I wish to buy a drone pretty soon. Apart from photography, I am a big-time foodie and love to try different cuisines and restaurants in the city.
Best photographer in patna, bihar
Q. What projects you're currently working on?
Honestly, I can’t reveal the name of the projects but one is shooting for a brand, the other is about capturing the lives of common people of the city.

Q. Any message you wanna convey to our audience (For civil engineering as well as photography).
In photography, the biggest mistake I have seen people making is that they give less time to learn and more time to shoot. Very few people actually read about photography and explore the work of established photographers. My message for aspiring photographers to learn as well as practice a lot. Just clicking a lot and not giving time to learning is as if learning to fill OMR bubbles faster without developing the skillset to actually solve a question.

Q. How will you recommend The Bgs Raw, a digital featuring platform?
I will recommend this to every youth as your content is relatable as well as informative.
top photographer from patna is pankaj kumar interview


Q. What is your style mantra?
“Less is More” is my style Mantra. Less but well-fitted quality clothes get me going.

Q. Do you give any special attention to your fan?
I adore and promote fans who showcase their original and creative work.

Q. Do you like street food?
I absolutely love street food.

Q. What do you do to stay fit?
I practice yoga at home regularly.

Q. What the weirdest questing you've been asked ever?
My plans for marriage. I’m 26, can’t help it.

We hope you've enjoyed answering our questions.
So, guys, we keep updating such interviews and their stories from around our country. So, we hope our platform can help someone to get noticed by his/her talents, art& entertainment, and creativity.

For contact, My e-mail id is or one can drop me a DM on Instagram @pankaj.jpeg

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