The History of Bhojpuri Cinema - Dr. Rajendra Prasad and First Bhojpuri Film

The History of Bhojpuri Cenema - Dr. Rajendra Prasad and First Bhojpuri Film. Ganga Maiya Tohare Piyari Charivo, Dangal, Bideshiya, Ganga Kinare Mora Gaon Re, Kab Hoi Kawana Humar, Report by Bikram Kr Singh
The History of Bhojpuri Cenema - Dr. Rajendra Prasad and First Bhojpuri Film

Bgs Raw News: The Bhojpuri Cinema is a folk cultural industry for entertainment. And now it's performance are watched globally across the world. Mostly the Bihari migrants who have traveled and settled in the states and countries are fame to Bhojpuri culture and sangeet(songs) along with them.

So along with songs the films, the movies are also loved by many audiences and the action was also praised. So today in the 20s century the movie, the story, the play on the screen all of them have changed and improved with time when the industry was not able to hold much expense to better themselves. And in this post, you will know everything about The Bhojpuri Cinema. What do you know about Bhojpuri Cinema? Which is the first film of Bhojpuri Cinema?

The History of Bhojpuri Cinema

The First Bhojpuri Film came in 1932 and the name of the film was Indra Sabha. And the next film was talky, which means the act and the sound both were played in the movie and the film had 72 songs and from that two were in the Bhojpuri language. Which were "Suratiya Dekhai Jao uu Bakiye Chaiyela and Thari Hoon Tohare Duwaar, Bulale More Saajan Re." After this, the Bhojpuri Industry had placed their identity for cinema. But the full Bhojpuri movie was a dream to be made in the future. Which full fill in the year 1962. The name of the movie was "Ganga Maiya Tohare Piyari Charivo."

The history behind the movie "Ganga Maiya Tohare Piyari Charivo" was also very interesting, since 1960s Dr. Rajendra Prasad (The First President of India) who himself was Bhojpuri speaking person. While in a public event in Delhi, he expresses his filling that, any film should also be made in the Bhojpuri languages. He also told that the language is nationally/internationally not very popular, but because of its microbes which can deliver motivation to this nation.

After those words, a man who was present in the event was inspired, name Nazir Hussian who was also the Bhojpuri speaking from Gazipur. After the event, he meets the President Dr. Rajendra Prasad and made him sure to believe to be made the Bhojpuri speaking film. And from that time the Bhojpuri Cinema steps forward to contribute the films for the audience to the industry.

Bimal Roy's film "Do Vigna Zameen's" writer was also Nazir Hussian. He was a very good writer as well as an actor too. After this movie, he wrote the Katha(talk) on "Ganga Maiya Tohare Piyari Charivo" and along with the script he went to Bimal Roy. After reading the script he loves the story. And told Nazir that "let's make the film in Hindi." But Nazir Sahab(sir) deny after he told to make it in Hindi and told "ee film chahe jahiyo bani, bani tah bhojipuriya mei hi". Now Bimal Da accepted it, but later they were waiting for a producer, but no producers were got in Bombay(now it's called Mumbai). By the way who will invest a huge amount in the Bhojpuri speaking film. But soon these problems were also finished when a coal business and a cinema hall owner Vishwanath Prasad Sahabadi accepted the proposal to make this film. The film was directed by Kundan Kumar, and the artist was Kum Kum Ashim Kumar and Nazir Sahab(the writer himself who was also an actor) and many co. stars were also played there roles in the film. The lyrics were written by Sailendra and the songs were sung by Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi. And the music was given by Chitrakut.

The film was released in Patna in Venus Cinema hall on 22 February 1963. The film which was made in the budget of 5 lakh rupee, the whole collection of the movie was 80 lakh. The movie was very much popular and people were very crazy about the film. And people still talk about that decade when the movie released, they were in a long queue to get a ticket to watch the film. The interesting fact was after watching they stay back outside the hall to past the night so that they can go back home early morning.

After this film many more movies were also made like; Bideshiya, Ganga Kinare Mora Gaon Re, Kab Hoi Kawana Humar, Dangal, and Mahuwa. After this, all the Bhojpuri Cinema Industry started growing and still continuing.

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