Eat 4 meals before sex!

Eat 4 meals before sex!

4 meals to eat before S * X. There are relationship and simple interest, so don't blame just keep on feeling.

4 भोजन सेक्स से पहले खाए

1. Honey contains boron, a mineral that helps regulate estrogen and testosterone and may increase sexual excitement.

2. Watermelon is high in citraline, an amino acid that prisms your nether areas for sex.

3. Pomegranate seeds can increase the level of nitric oxide in the body, which helps in engraving and girth.

Do not do this!

* The Chakotara Girls Trip involves BJ-Amar cutting a hole in the fruit and then piercing it in his mouth as well as his penis as well as the fruit, as portrayed by Tiffany Hadish. The technique went viral online, but IRL it's not so hot. The juice can irritate a man's urethra.

* Vegetables Although cucumbers and carrots may look like cheap sex toys, never rub them in or around your vagina. There are likely bacteria on their surfaces that can cause infection. Dr. "Get an amazing vibrator instead", says Dweck.

* CINNAMON Masala is an intoxicating substance, which means that it dries the tissue quickly. If it becomes near your V or its urethra, it may cause irritation or swelling.

* Stay like HOT SAUCE Bey and keep something in your bag - then leave it there. Spicy sauces can cause extremely unpleasant internal and external irritation for both of you.