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TikTok Viral: The couple went to a Shoeshiner after that what happen

TikTok Viral: The couple went to a Shoeshiner after that what happen, a video by Vaibhav Yadav
tik tok viral video of vaibhav yadav
Tik Tok has taken attention to attract creators and also the audience is loving the contents to enjoy and entertain themselves. Here we're sharing a video that was going viral and trending on tik tok.

In this clips the story and concept were, as it is shown that couples come to a street to polish his shoe, the man takes out his wallet to pay the Shoeshiner and moved from there and suddenly the wallet fell down. And shoeshiner picks it up and by kind heart, the shoeshiner goes back to the couple to return the wallet.

But in between it is shown that few unwanted people come toward the couple and the guy was attacked by the mob and his girl too. Then the shoeshiner reached behind to return the wallet, who shows the attacks and stopped the lynching and return back to his shop.

You can play and watch the clips below. This video was in the No#1 trending on tiktok, with 4.8 million likes and 13.4k comments on it.

@vaibhav_y10_ Meri saari video kyu hattri hai sound se 🥺🤦🏻‍♂️ #vaib #vaibhavyadav sid.akki dikshachoudhary8 #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #makeitviral
♬ original sound - Chocko boii

This video was created and uploaded on the Vaibhav Yadav tiktok handle.

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