Bloggers & Youtuber at 65th Filmfare Awards Guwahati, check out here

Bloggers & Youtuber at 65th Filmfare Awards Guwahati, check out here, most popular faces of tik tok stars, youtube creators, attend filmfare award guwahati
anzila nazin at filmfare, flying beast, murunal panchal, sunny chopra, tik tok start in filmfare award
Bloggers & YouTubers | Filmfare was a crazy show for those who attend for the first time. And this was possible through the most known brands who care about the influencers. Most of the northeast bloggers booked their ticket as early and a few creators came around another state from India.

We have also noticed an influencer who gave an interview to our website Bgs Raw, ya the name you already have heard many times on our web/Instagram she is none other than Anzila Nazin. She shared a pics with co-influencer & blogger; Peri Brahma, Abhinakshi. She also met the most popular Tik Tok star and Youtuber Mrunal Panchal.

You can also see the popular internet superstar; Annam Darbar, Murunal Panchal, Peri-Brahma, Sunny Chopra, Gaurav Taneja from a youtube channel called Flying Beast and many popular faces appeared in the function at Guwahati. Few images were collected check out them:
Annam Darbar

Anzila Nazin

Murunu Panchal

Peri Brahma

Sunny Chopra

Nagma Mirajkar


Gaurav Taneja
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