Aisi Hun Sejal Kumar with first Orginal Single Music Video

Aisi Hun Sejal Kumar with first Orginal Single Youtuber and content creator first ever single music video lanuch
Bgs Raw News: Sejal Kumar a multi-talented artist, from fashion, dance, cover music and now with the original music track she had created and shown very new creativity in each video.  Recently she had recorded her new track 'Aisi Hun' which has been collecting so many loves on the internet.

“Aisi Hun” revolves around the life of a girl who is expected to not be too curious and ask too many questions, which is a result of her family not being open-minded (which still stands true in many cases). It eases you into understanding how starting a conversation about things that are still taboo can bring you closer to your true self and your family and free you from unnecessary societal pressure.

In the last few years, so many digital creators have launched there single in time to time to entertain their fans who get crazy and waiting for the music video. Said Kumar: “ “Aisi Hun” is very close to my heart mainly because it’s my first- ever original song, and to top that off, it’s a song promoting the importance of girls’ education across YouTube. I wrote this song with an insight into the world of a lot of girls and with the intention to make a difference, a change in the lives of young girls and their families.”

“It’s not just a song for a cause that I want people to listen to and enjoy, but I also want them to take away from it, to ask questions, to be curious, to be free. I want young girls to be able to be themselves, to get an education, and learn and be comfortable in their own skin,” said Kumar on why she made the song.

She also thanks her team who make the song happen
"I love my talented team for making this happen!"
Music, Production, Mixing, and Mastering: Saptak Chatterjee
Concept and Storyline: Sejal Kumar
Lyrics: Saptak Chatterjee, Sejal Kumar
Guitars: Mansij Madan
Direction- Tushar Dixit (he is the best!)
Cinematography- Tushar Dixit
Editing- Tushar Dixit
Associate Producer- Kaushambi Bharti
Assistant Direction- Saalim Ali, Meghna Agarwal
Production Assistant- Rahul Gavikar
Gaffer- Girish Kumar
Assistant Camera- Devendra Singh
Business Manager: Soumya Ameria
Styling: Sneha Indulkar
Makeup and Hair: Kuhu Gupta, Saumya Luniyal
Choreography: Ashna Katoch
Actors: Abhishek Kapoor, Sarika Sanghi,  Ahmad khan
PR: Shweta Singh,  Nadiya Khan

The song is already out now on 'Sejal Kumar' Youtube channel, you can check it there or even we have embbed on this page, you can watched directly.