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Realme Global Winner Bishwak Nath a photographer who created instagram filters

Realme Global Winner Bishwak Nath a photographer who created instagram filters. He is from Silchar, Assam, who introduced his filters on instagram check out now
Bishwak Nath is a resident of Silchar, Assam, who is a photographer article on bgs raw website When you think to come out from your comfort zone, it really matters for you to create and win the hearts of millions. So here we are talking about the same for Bishwak Nath. He is a photographer who lives in Silchar, Assam who won the contest of most popular mobile phone brand RealmeGlobal. Recently he was busy in appearing for the final of class 12th. He told us that:

'I started photography as a passion but it's more like a thing I can't live without. I'm a person who has won the monthly contest in Realme global competition and my photo stood on top 50 photos out of 25,000,000 photos, nominated for the yearly competition. But I couldn't make it there, after all, life is all about ups and downs. The 1st thought of creating a filter popped in my mind when I noticed that the filter thing is getting viral on Instagram and the thing that I've never seen any Indian creating these filters struck my mind. I did a lot of research and at the end found out how to create those filters then I worked really hard and it took like 64 hours just to understand the software interface then after 2 weeks of hard work the filters were finally done and we're sent for review and after 24 hours I received a notification from Instagram that your filters have been approved and now it's in my profile for everyone to use.'

Now let us introduce you to the filters created by Mr. Nath which is available on Instagram

The first filter he created was named as 'Melody.Tones.22' because it gives a cinematic look to the environment by manipulating the colors and giving it real and cool effects, more precisely applies a tone on the environment just the way professional photographers edit their photos. This filter comes with three tones, each tone is phenomenal under certain lighting conditions and you can change the tone by tapping on the screen. The second filter named 'Aesthetic.Colors.22' also manipulates the colors of the environment but it's unique in its own way. It offers the users a dust effect on the screen which keeps on changing more like animation and has frames around the screen giving it a more vintage look.

He told, 'I'll recommend you to test the filter I've sent you on Instagram DM to understand it properly.'

So we have added the links of the filters below if you wish you can check it for your online pics manipulation.

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