Why we wrote about CORONAVIRUS, know Janta Curfew address by PM Modi

Why wrote about CORONAVIRUS, know about Janta Curfew, reade more. Symptoms People may experience: cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing (severe cases)
Why are we writing on this topic? Well, you may be confused do Bgs Raw publish such new too. So yah! it's very urgent to keep aware until our country gets rigid of this serious issue and we live as early as possible. Now it may be correct that I am talking about 'Corona Virus'. For the last two months, this being a great issue. And now our Government of India and State government is taking steps to find out such suspects and keep away from the public in safe with needed treatment.

I hope you all have to get the news very well from the agencies, source, internet, etc. But still, I want to tell you that still any vaccine or any medicine is not invented and the organization is working on this. So do not take any unwanted medicine by yourself, if you find any such symptoms (symptoms: mentioned below), take help from 'Doctor' or visit your nearest medical for a checkup.

Symptoms People may experience:
Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

What you should 'do and don't'
Percuation to take care for coronavirus

How to stay updated on the coronavirus
We strongly recommend you to read only the government site 'Ministry of Health and Family Welfare' or the website of the 'World Helth Organization (WHO)'. Since lots of keyword on coronavirus will take you to a different site to waste your time too. So we tell not to waste your time just keep 'surrounding clean and keep washing or sanitizing your hand and accessories which you touch anytime, that all and once again we recommend to keep your eye to the government official site of more updates. Take care of yourself and your loved once.

So one more thing to tell, friends recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to address our nation on 19-March Thursday at 8PM to announce the 'JANTA CURFEW' in which he told, "I declare 'JANTA CURFEW' on March 22nd (i.e, Sunday) from 7AM to 9PM. All should stay at home and at 5PM (i.e, evening), we all should step at owns door, balconies, to clap or ring bells for doctors, police and for all public workers for there services. And the whole day we should avoid social gatherings."

I hope you have listened to his speeches already although I repeated his statement in our post.

Government Sites
Govt of India👉 www.mohfw.gov.in
WHO👉 www.who.int