10 Social Media Manager Kit to run Digital Marketing online

10 Social Media Manager Kit to run Digital Marketing. how to manage instagram influencer clients. basics requirement to start digital marketing for influencers
10 Social Media Manager Kit to run Digital Marketing online, how to manage social media influencers, how to manage instagram influencers 10 Social Media Manager Kit to run Digital Marketing online, we know you' are managing clients' social media account. So do you know you can manage it with hassle-free and without taking more stress and give your clients a better service? If you didn't know, here we have added the best digital kit to manage influencers or client's accounts online.

If you’re going to run an online social media business or agency, you’re going to need a website. Our site is hosted on Squarespace & we love how easy and intuitive it is to use.
* Squarespace
* Wordpress
* Godaddy Flat 30% Off Code on Hosting Services. Explore Now!
* Bluehost

Since most of the digital marketers and the entire team are remote (as they work from home, all over the country) so we recommend to use Slack as “home base” -- its sort of like a virtual office, where the whole team can stay up to date with projects, communicate about clients, and get to know each other.

If you like to stay super organized so you can file everything-- from assets to images-- in Dropbox folders for safekeeping
* Slack
* Trello
* Asana
* Basecamp
* Toggl
* Dropbox
* Google Drive-

Since you can manage all of your client’s Instagram accounts, you can use Later to build out monthly content calendars and post to the platform. You'll love that you can send the clients a Preview link of their feed so they can do weekly approvals.

You can use PeopleMap to organize our influencer campaigns + vet new potential collaborators.

You can also love scheduling pins on Pinterest with Tailwind and we use CoSchedule to plan + sync up our content calendars, social media posts & email marketing campaigns.
* Later
* Hootsuite
* Planoly
* Buffer
* PeopleMap
* Tailwind
* CoSchedule

Where would we be without our calendar? Whether it’s taking new Discovery Calls, following up with clients, touching base with the team, or having virtual coffee with our internet friends-- having a way to sync up our schedules is essential.

Acuity allows potential clients & collaborators to choose a date on our calendar that works for everyone (without all of that unnecessary back & forth) and it gives us full control over all of our appointment settings.

It seamlessly syncs up with Google Calendars too-- so you never have to worry about double-booking. Bonus: it also plays well with Zoom, so you can have your new contact choose to connect via a video call or a regular phone call.

We use Zoom for all of our team meetings. It’s helpful (&fun) to see each other when we touch base each week, and since so much can get lost in translation when you’re only communicating via text, video calls help us stay on the same page.
* Acuity
* Calendly
* Google Calendars-
* iCalendar
* Zoom

We’ve used a lot of different invoicing software over the years, but finally landed on Quickbooks when we handed our monthly bookkeeping over to a professional.

17hats + Dubsado are also really useful tools that help you manage #allthethings in one simple interface (from lead capture to proposals to contracts and invoicing). Both of these tools are highly recommended All-In-One options.

Hellosign is a free tool for getting contracts and other important documents signed-- but first, you’re going to need the right legal documents...

We love The Contract Shop for that because they provide contract templates and all the legal paperwork you need to run your business (no expensive attorneys required).
Our team is made of contractors, so they send an invoice each month + are paid via their preferred service. However, if you’re going to have employees-- Gusto is a great tool to help you manage payroll.
* Quickbooks
* Freshbooks
* Xero
* 17Hats
* Dubsado
* Hellosign
* The Contract Shop
* Gusto

Email marketing may not seem like a big deal if you’re only providing DFY (Done For You) services to your clients. However, if you ever plan on selling courses, digital products, or creating other types of passive income, you'll want to think about starting an email list. You can also use your ESP (email service provider) to set up things like Client Funnels.

We love Convertkit because it’s simple to use. It’s non-fussy, non- HTML emails look less like marketing and more like a letter from a friend. Setting up automation and funnels is super easy (even for those who don’t consider themselves especially tech-y).
* Convertkit
* Mailchimp-
* Active Campaign

Sometimes you don’t want to wait (or just don’t have the funds) for a designer or photographer-- but you still need those assets! We love the Creative Market because they have literally EVERYTHING.

They sell graphics, icons, stock photos, templates for social media (even Instagram Story templates!) made by creatives from all over the world-- at prices that won’t break the bank.

If your team isn’t specially designed savvy, a platform like Canva is much easier to use than something like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Our team loves to use Canva to create simple quote graphics & other promotional assets for our clients on the fly.
* Creative Market
* Canva-
* Adobe Creative Cloud

Staying up to date with the latest in social media and marketing is all part of the job. We love the classes provided by Creative Live-- they have everything from Social Media to Photography to Photoshop-- so we can provide our growing team with the latest educational resources.

Additionally, we like to create our own educational resources for people like you-- and we host our courses on Kajabi.

It’s super user-friendly, creates sleek, professional landing pages & since it's an all-in-one platform, it can also handle your free lead communities-- we absolutely love it!
* Creative Live Social Media Courses
* Teachable
* Thinkific
* Kajabi

While our team generally works from home, there are times when we need to meet with clients or have bigger team meetings. In those cases, co-working spaces with conference room rentals come in handy!

Here are some of our favorite places to co-work (and network!)…
* We work
* The Wing
* Soho House

Even though we work in a mostly virtual world, we do need IRL assets from time to time, like business cards, postcards, and other fun marketing materials.

Here are some of our favorite resources for printed marketing
* Moo
* Paper Chase Press
* VistaPrint

The above-mentioned symbol (-) is used for the services that are free or the best of it. You can choose the products. Please note: some of the resources listed may contain affiliates links, which means if you sign up, we'll get a commission. However, we don’t share recommendations that we don't use or haven't had experience with.

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