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3 reason why 'Hanuman' is a huge motivation for modern hustlers

3 reason why 'Hanuman' is a huge motivation for modern hustlers. Know all about Hanuman Ji, fact to know about hanuman ji

3 reason why 'Hanuman' is a huge motivation for modern hustlers

Religions of all kinds have gotten a bad reputation in modern times. Only because of the faults of a few bad people.

But if you try extracting goodness & positives from every religion in the world, you will only grow as a human being.

**Hanuman does not represent a half-human and half-monkey. Hanuman represents energy; a thought process with 3 main aspects:

3 reason why 'Hanuman' is a huge motivation for modern hustlers

1. Self-belief

The boy Hanuman became Lord Hanuman when he trusted his own abilities and strengths. He didn't believe that he could fly across the sea, towards Lank. He took a leap of faith and a deep breath of SELF BELIEF.

Eventually, he became known as the God of STRENGTH AND PROTECTION. The story is a way of saying "Life long strength and protection arises from the seed of self-confidence."

2. Strength

Hanumanji's divinity lies in his ever-lasting penance. He's known as the "bachelor" god or the god of abstinence (staying away from worldly pleasures like sex, alcohol, meat)

Is "abstinence" the correct way o human should live his own life? Hell no. Go have sex, drink alcohol, eat non-veg, do as you please. Hanumanji's abstinence represents the highest level of determination and strength.

If you ever feel like cutting off evil from your life, you can withdraw inspiration from the monkey god! He is a symbol of mental strength as much as physical strength.

3. Humility

The god of strength, one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He's also known as the greatest "fanboy" that ever lived. throughout his own existence, he served Lord Ram, the personification of God.

Whoever you are, irrespective of whatever you've achieved, always remember to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. The day your greatness or your success gets to your head, the Hanuman energy (the energy of strength) will LEAVE YOU. Humility before anythings.

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