9 Benefits of Litchi in helping immunity, weight loss, fight cancer, increases Vitamin-C

9 Benefits of Litchi in helping immunity, weight loss, fight cancer, increase Vitamin-C. A summer fruit which is full of health benefits vitamins, know more
9 Benefits of Litchi in helping immunity, weight loss, fight cancer, increases Vitamin-C
Know 9 Benefits of Litchi in helping immunity, weight loss, fight cancer, increase Vitamin-C To avoid infection with the Covid-19 virus, most doctors are recommending a diet rich in vitamin-C. Litchi is also rich in vitamin-C in this season. So why not take advantage of this fruit and make your body strong. Rajni Arora is giving information

9 Benefits of Litchi in helping immunity, weight loss, etc

Effective in increasing immunity
Vitamin C present in litchi helps in the formation of blood cells and the absorption of iron in our body. It is helpful in maintaining a healthy immune system and preventing many diseases.

Avoiding common-colds
Regular consumption of litchi prevents the spread of cough, cold, fever, and throat infections due to being a good source of vitamin-C. Our protection from the algal chemicals infection virus does.

Helps in the digestive process
Litchi is found in high amounts of Vitamin C like beta carotene, riboflavin, niacin, and plate. This vitamin is necessary for the formation and digestion of red blood cells. This helps to store beta carotene in the liver and other organs.

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Folate controls cholesterol levels in our body
The main source of energy is the sweet succulent litchi energy source for those who feel tired and weak. The niacin present in it produces the steroid hormones and hemoglobin necessary for energy in the body. It provides instant energy by eating litchi.

Protect against heart diseases
Potassium and copper present in litchi protect us from heart diseases. It controls the irregularity of the heartbeat and fluctuations of BP. Elements like copper make red blood cells in the body, due to which there is no lack of blood in the body, and blood flow goes on smoothly.

Stop the growth of cancer cells
Studies have proved that litchi, rich in elements like vitamin-C and flavonoids, is especially found to have breast cancer-fighting properties. Due to its regular intake, the cells of cancer do not develop much in our bodies.

Take care of the stomach
Litchi eliminates digestive disorders by reducing high levels of acidity of the body. Consumption of litchi is beneficial in recovering from gastro-intestinal disorders, mild diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset, stomach ulcers, and internal bloating.

Helpful in reducing weight
The abundant soluble fiber in litchi is a good alternative to reduce obesity. Fiber is helpful in digesting our food and helps prevent bowel problems. It increases immunity in our body to fight viruses and infectious diseases.

For the glowing skin
Elements of litchi are found to improve the skin, which is able to protect our skin and body from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Regular intake of litchi nourishes oily skin. Litchi may have an important role in reducing the development of acne and reducing facial spots.

Do you know?

Seeds and rind of Litch are also beneficial
Litchi seeds are used for medicinal purposes. Litchi seed powder has pain-relieving properties. Drinking seed powder tea is beneficial to overcome digestive disorders. By drinking such tea, this powder is mixed with honey and eaten to kill the worms of the nervous system. Powder coating is effective in reducing the inflammation of any organ.

Take caution
It is beneficial for a healthy person to take a bowl or 10-11 litchi a day. Keep in mind that the litchi is full. Toxic ingredients are found in raw litchi. This can also have a bad effect on the brain. Problems such as hemorrhage or headaches may be encountered.


(The source based on Hindustan news Based on a conversation with Dr. Vibha Bajpayee of Asian Institute of Medical Science)