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John is not dependent on social media - LockDown Stories

John is not dependent on social media - LockDown Stories
John is not dependent on social media - LockDown Stories images
Bikes, action, fitness — these three words are enough, to sum up actor John Abraham. In the past one-and-a-half months of lockdown, while fitness has been a constant as he works out at home, the action has stopped completely with no shoots. And bike rides? Well, hear it from the man himself.

“Someone joked with me ‘John’s life in quarantine and outside is practically the same’! (laughs) Barring my motorcycle rides, I have never been the person who goes out, so I am not finding this period very difficult. As someone who is not wholly dependent on social media — and I say this with a lot of pride today — neither looking at social media to influence my actions, what I need to do, or validate what I am doing, I feel a sense of liberation there,” says the 47-year-old.

On what all has kept him busy, Abraham shares that creating new content has been on his mind. “I’m sure we would all say ‘watching, streaming and chilling’, but I’ve been reading more than watching. I’m in touch with my team, we’re in the process of creating good content. We are seeing it from a different scope today. The language of filmmaking is also going to change partly, so here’s a new normal. I think things are changing,” he says.

Is he going to focus more on creating OTT content? He tells us the platform isn’t something he is thinking about, as of now. “I am just creating content, we will see what we need to do in terms of platforms. Right now, it’s a good time to sit back. There are things I’ve never done in my life, and that’s doing nothing. This is the first time and I make no bones about it, there’s no shame. I am sitting back and reflecting on life. It’s good, I think. There’s a lot being done while doing nothing — a lot of thinking,” he shares.

With all shoots stalled since March, Abraham’s films, including Attack and Mumbai Saga, too were affected. “We’d finished 50% of the shoot for the former. The people I am working with are from South Africa and England, and we’re now at the mercy of international flights, to resume. Mumbai Saga has got three-four days [of shooting] left. Satyameva Jayate 2 is to begin,” he signs off.

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