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Janalynn Castelino at Rank #2 on theYouTube Music Charts

Janalynn Castelino entered the YouTube Music Top 100 Charts at Rank #2 for her Music Video ‘Fire On Fire'. The song trended all over Lebanon and around countries in the Middle East.

‘Fire On Fire’ an upload to Janalynn Castelino’s YouTube Channel is a recreation of Sam Smith’s - Fire On Fire. The audio is available for streaming and download on all major platforms worldwide with over several thousands of downloads in stores till date. Her velvety powerful vocals in the audio have been greatly discovered on radio streams globally.

Best known for her song Binte Dil (Love Ballad Version) that has been viewed over 16 Million (1.6 Crore) times on YouTube, Janalynn surged to popularity in the Western World namely U.S.A and the European countries along with a remarkable fan following all over in U.A.E.

The star made history in several ways with a real impact on the Top 100 YouTube Charts in 2020. Janalynn Castelino hit No. 2 on the Charts for the 1st time. It’s a relatively rare feat for any artist.

Janalynn’s Binte Dil (Love Ballad Version) gained worldwide success and even today after a year has become so popular to have again trended at No. #3 in Dubai and No. #6 in Doha as per the YouTube Trending Report. Her recreations of Binte Dil and Fire On Fire tugged heartstrings the world over in 2019/2020. That’s a fairly specific accomplishment but one that highlights how a Talented Medical Student has been living in the public eye keeping up with her studies.

She claims the righteous distinction of being the only medical student having such a forte.

Janalynn’s charming, magical voice entranced and uplifted the spirits of the people in some of the darkest hours of the lockdown.

Even though this pandemic crisis, God is still blessing her. Nobody can stop what is meant for her.
Well Deserved !!! Congrat’s Janalynn! You definitely deserve this.

This news was written by Krishna Kamat & Alisha

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