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Who is Marina Kuwar? The conection with Bushan Kumar

Who is Marina Kuwar? The conection with Bushan Kumar sonu nigam controverisy on nepotism
Sonu Nigam and Bhushan Kumar have been in loggerheads for a few years and the recent controversy has made the rage between them even stronger. In a recent video, Sonu threatened Bhushan Kumar to expose him and said he would release a video of Marina Kuwar. From there, netizens are looking for who Marina is and what the artist is talking about. After a little digging, actor Pollal Rohatgi found a video of Marina in which he can be seen talking to Aaj Tak and claimed that Bhushan Kumar abused him. Scroll for more reports...

In the video, he recounts his plight and says he went to his office to hold a music video interview with Honey Singh but said there was a press conference and he might meet another time. She said she asked him to come to her cum office in her home and she would meet him. He suspects he abused her in the house and then left the house after his wife called him.

Who is Marina Kuwar?

Marina is a role model and actor, who has appeared in episodes such as CID, Aahat, and has been involved in a number of modeling projects. As per reports, she was nominated to play the male lead in Akshay Kumar who was the star of Million Dollar Baby but unfortunately, the film never came out. In a statement, he spoke about the film and said, "Working with a star like Akshay Kumar is like a dream come true.

My last message to you all - Siddhart Salatia a Digital Superstar
Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante - Sonu Nigam


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