Yalgaar-Carry Minati's latest rap song hits at trolls for Youtube vs TikTok controversy

Yalgaar: Carry Minati's latest rap song hits at trolls targeting him for Youtube vs TikTok controversy
Popular Youtuber Carry Minati aka Ajay Nagar has set the internet on fire with his latest rap song Yalgar. He has recently made headlines for cashing tik-tokers. He came up with a video called 'YouTube vs. Ticktack' which went viral on the internet. In the video, he saw the Tikotars, especially Amir Siddiqui, as hilarious. While the video received much praise from the majority of the audience, many objected to it and YouTube later dropped the video for not following its guidelines. The video became the most viewed video on YouTube. The disappointed Carry Minati also expressed sadness with her fans but did not lose hope. On Friday, he returned to the trolls aimed at himself over the controversy and gave the correct answer with his song Yalgar.

YouTuber Carry Minati fans are back on Cloud Nine as they release the new rap song Yalgar on Friday and are back on the trolls. Through the song, he declares that he is passionate about everything he does and does not give up easily. The song also responds to those who ridiculed the Minatti controversy and who have sought to change her ways. The song begins with the Minute Signature Dialogue, 'Toh Kisne Sa Apna Loh' and sings "There is a story for all to hear.

Watch Carry Minati's Yalgaar song here

Carry Minati's song, which appeared on YouTube, has gone viral since the song was supported by netizens and has been making memes and creative posts about it. Through the Yalgar song, Carrie Minati entertained her heart and told her story. He also lashes out at those who did not return and even betrayed him during the conflict. He concludes the song with 'Carry Roast Will', making it clear and clear that he is not leaving the war anytime soon.


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