Gurmeet Choudhary Exclusive: Whoever I am is because of Sushant, but now scared

Whoever I am is because of Sushant, but now scared
Famous TV and film actors, Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sushant Singh Rajput were friends of pakka. Like Sushant, Gurmeet also went from television to movies. Gurmeet is deeply saddened by Sushant's death. In an exclusive interview with the 'Navbharat Times', Gurmeet said Sushant's memories were resolved in every room of his house. Whatever it is today, it is because of Sushant. Gurmeet has given full credit to his work for Sushant. He says if Sushant doesn't go to the movies on TV, today he might not get a job in the movies.

Gurmeet continues, 'Sushant paved the way for us. If he had not gone to the movies and had not been successful, perhaps the Bollywood producers would have told me that he had seen many viewers on TV, who would have watched it by putting money on the big screen. Sushant changed Bollywood's approach to TV stars. Sushant broke that wall and after that, I was able to make Bollywood boredom with the Bhatt Camp film.

Gurmeet also said he and Sushant hail from the same village in Bihar. In this situation, he has had a deep relationship with her from the beginning. Gurmeet Chaudhary urged people to think once and for all about Sushant. He says, 'We all have to take care of Sushant's family feelings. Before you say anything, consider what is happening in that family. I also want to know what the truth is. Sushant was mine. Sushant's memories are scattered on the sofa of my house, in every room of the room. I miss him very much. '

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, people began to think differently about the film and TV industry elsewhere. This has a huge impact on the family of the players. 'I also receive many calls from family and friends,' says Gurmeet. Fear has settled within everyone. People tell me you don't do anything wrong, we'll see your movies. There is a lot of competition in the industry. The mentally strong should be here. When films go down, there is frustration and anxiety. There are fears of job loss. In that case, it is very important for the family to stay together.

Gurmeet says his wife and actress Debina is his support system. Debina relieves her of anxiety and despair. In 2008, in Ramayan on TV, the couple Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Banerjee performed miracles. This new Ram-Sita duo has received a lot of love from the audience. They both fall in love with a straight-set. They both got married in 2011. 'I'm not perfect without Debina,' says Gurmeet. Debina stood with me step by step through all the difficult times. I tease her badly, but Debina is in control of me. When I start flying over, he brings me to the ground. '

Gurmeet told how he replaced the big banners after the shooting. For him, this dream was broken. 'Sometimes fear also saves you,' he says. I am very offended. But I want to answer for my work. Gurmeet says he was embarrassed to face the actors who were in front of him. When I saw them, I would go around hiding my mouth.

Gurmeet told the whole story of being a 'Ram' in his interview. He says that his competition came from the very famous Arun Govil, he knows this. Therefore, he did not leave a single stone untouched. He had taken Ram's character into his life. Gurmeet says, 'I also started talking to those camera days like Ram's character. People around me and even Debina were worried.

Gurmeet has been active in acting career since 2004. Have also worked in films. But his father was most happy when he became 'Ram'. He says, 'Ram' was made in 'Ramayana', then my father was the happiest. This was because his own name is Sitaram. Gurmeet believes that he and Debina got married and created history. This is because no famous characters of any Mythological serial have ever married in real life in India.



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