Ankita Lokhande's clarify haters through her note on instagram and react for calling "Sautan" and "widow" - Exclusive on Bgs Raw

Ankita Lokhande's clarify haters through her note on instagram - Exclusive on Bgs Raw. I am sure she didn't because maybe she, herself, enjoyed consum
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Ankita Lokhande, former girlfriend of the Late Sushant Singh Rajput is very active on social media to fight for justice. Recently she posted a long note on her Instagram handle with 'NAMASTE' emoji and wrote the long note, give a look;

I again clarify, for the reason time and again being asked by the media to me on whether I  feel it's a murder or suicide?

I have never said it's a murder or anyone, in particular, is responsible. I always have encouraged justice for my late friend SSR and stood by the bereaved family and truth should be brought out by the investigating agencies.

Being a Maharashtrian and an Indian citizen, I have total faith in the Maharashtra State Govt/Police & Central Government instrumentalities.

Though when some lingos like "Sautan" and "widow" were used for me, which is in public knowledge. I never responded to it. I only came forward to narrate about SSR and his mental health till 2016.

Let us assume you must have known in and out about your friend and whats going on in her life and relationship. Glad to see you wake up finally, but I wish you would have woken up sooner and advised your friend not to support any kind of drug abuse by SSR if any. When she very well knew about his mental state by publicly stating that he was in depression.

Should she have allowed a depressed man to consume drugs?

How is that going to help? 

His condition would deteriorate to a level that would make a man take the action that SSR has allegedly taken. She was the closest person to him at that time.

On one hand, she says she was coordinating with all the doctors for his betterment of health on request of SSR, and on the other hand, she was coordinating drug logistics for him.

Would anyone, who claims to have loved someone so deeply, allow the other person to consume drugs claiming to know his mental state and condition?

Would you do that?

I don't think anyone would. So how can it not be seen as an act of carelessness and irresponsibility?

As per her, she informed his family about his ongoing treatment but did she ever inform them about his drug consumption? I am sure she didn't because maybe she, herself, enjoyed consuming it. And this is why I feel it's Karma/Fate.

Little advice for the unknown."You guard your friend and I am standing by the family". But let us maintain civility by not coming on to each other personally, either directly or indirectly.

We like to tell that, Sushant Singh Rajput was found unnatural death on 14th June, and yet investigation is carrying forward for the matter by CBI, ED, and NCB. The latest news of the investigation is Rhea get arrested for drugs link by NCB.

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