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Saqib Saleem says what motivated him towards fitness in his college years

One look at his Instagram profile and we know that Saqib Saleem loves to work on his body and flaunt it too. Of course, we have no complaints about that.

Saqib Saleem Saqib

Ask the hunk when did his love for fitness start and he credits his mom for inculcating this good habit in him. He thanks his mother for encouraging him to take up sports, “My mother believed I should do something apart from joining the family business. Another incentive to staying fit during college was to impress girls.” The actor jokes about it. But he adds that soon he became serious about his fitness for hmself. Says he, “To stay fit for girls… that stage passed soon and I realised that I should remain fit just for myself. I wish to stay 100 percent fit all my life.” The need to develop decent abs led him to join a gym while in college. Now talk about early motivation.

Saqib Saleem Saqib

Saqib Saleem has built a great body and follows his fitness regime and diet religiously. As he says, he keeps fit to keep his body happy, clean and perfect.

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