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To them, Success has a huge path to traverse through - By Aishani Ghosh

To them, Success has a huge path to traverse through - By Aishani Ghosh. Team Cloudy boy's story and press release exclusively on bgs raw

India is a diverse nation enhanced with lots of opportunities and scope. Every states , every community have their own tastes and likings. They have their own culture, rich tradition and beauty that culminates themselves. India is full of lively things that attracts people from across the world. There’s  a tragedy always for every beautiful thing .i.e. today's youth hardly read any books to know more about a region's culture and tradition . That is why the macro communication is switching to micro communication with simple and short informative content. Hence we are here to introduce you all a new way to know the true essence of that region. Visual Story Telling – it will help the youth to understand a place better using photographs.

There are many renowned pages in West Bengal. Among them is “Team Cloudyboy" which offers a vivid range of photographs  from different aspects and story telling content. Right now it is the best choice for all the newbies out there.

Subhrajyoti Misra, a student of Adamas University, along with Monojit Bhattacharjee, a keen Techno Indian led to the formation of this framework. Their events and plannings are being guided by Ankita Mukhopadhyay, a keen Techno Indian, who holds the position of Marketing Head on this venture. Editing is their boon, they never fail to manage porridge in a spoon. Aishani Ghosh, their editor and content management head makes their venture reach to a better heights. Deepan, a keen twenty one, tries his level best, and manages a handful of good relations, thereby being the public relation head.
The pillars are strong!

It is currently one of the best reputed pages across West Bengal and is still spreading it’s reach among as many people as it can. The main focus of this page is to highlight the real Bengal - it’s diverse culture, raw essence, it’s enigmatic beauty and many more. Not only that they too feature talented and esteemed photographers on a daily basis in their page and always tries to put a main focus on the beauty of Bengal.

This page is just a month old and within this short span of time they are successful enough to attract perfect audience, who are really keen to know Bengal. Soon they will be organizing a “Celebrity interview", which is really a huge success!

They started this page with a dream and vision to uphold and highlight the raw essence of Bengal and it’s culture. And , today at whatever place they are in is just because of stability and hardwork among the team members. “True Efforts Really Count" and hence they proved it. They not only highlight the beauty of Bengal but also support real talents all over the world. Thus for more growth and success in future they are expecting the mass to show them love and support.  Stay tunned for more updates.

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