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Tripura: Feature film on Assam NRC all set to release on silver screen

Noise of Silence, inspired by true events, is the first Bollywood film based on problems faced by the people of Assam during the conduct of National Register of Citizens (NRC) entirely shot in Tripura by Siliguri born director Saif Baidya.

Speaking with EastMojo a news media website, Baidya said that this is the first full length Hindi feature film on NRC, inspired by true events and problems faced by the people of Assam after their names were missing in the NRC list.

The film has three plots, which includes the Rohingya crisis, alleged suicide of a teacher and the pain and hardship faced by his family members during the conduct of the NRC in Assam.

“It was back in 2017 when one of my friends told me how much of problem his family had to face after his and his mother's names went missing from the NRC list published in 2015. However his father, who is serving in the military was included in the list", Baidya said.

The film is starring Puja Jha who has worked in several other web series like Jamtara and Firdaus Hassan who has worked in Mukkebaaz and Forgotten Indian Army among others.

Other actors include Ajay Kkuundal from Delhi, Hrishie Raj, Sayantika Nath from Tripura, while Madhumita Talukdar Minakshi Ghosh, Sagarika Nath Sharma in supporting roles from Tripura.

The film produced by Vinay G Rai, co- produced by Satadeep Saha and Joysankar Bhattacharjee as associate producer is also sending for entry in the 2020 edition of the International Film festival of India for screening.

Baidya who has earlier directed a short film Chaar Pandrah and a featured film titled NCR: Chapter one said that when he heard about the hardship of his friend and the apathy of people due to the NRC, he decided to make a film on his friends.

“I was writing a story on the Rohingya crisis in India, but the idea had to be dropped due to production issues," Baidya added.

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The shooting for the film was initially planned to be shot in Assam but later the location was changed and it was entirely shot in Tripura and the shooting was completed in March last.

The film is about the problems and extreme steps taken by people in finding their names missing from the NRC list.

“The film also has the story of a teacher who allegedly committed suicide after his names got excluded from the NRC list. The film also has a story on a Rohingya refugee girl who comes in search of her mother in India and the pain of the people to get citizenship," Baidya said.

The director who was eager to launch his first full length feature film on the silver screen has now started talking with Netflix and other over-the-top (OTT) platforms to release the film.

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