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Naagin 5 PROMO: Bani aka Surbhi Chandna to kill Veera aka Sharad Malhotra during Navratri celebrations, but there's a TWIST

In the last episode of Naagin 5, we saw Bani aka Surbhi Chandna learning about Sakura aka Dheeraj Dhoopar's real identity. It so happened that the gandhak Patthar led to chaos in the Singhania Mansion. Bani asks Veer who is actually imposter sakura in disguise to help his family. However, Sakura is frightened as he is not the real Veer. He runs away and Bani is left to fend for her enemies. She saves Veer's entire family. Later on, as Balwant plans to kill Bani with the help of his family, Bani reveals that she knows about the Gandhak Patthar leaving them aghast.

She takes the imposter to the chandu mandir on the pretext of finding the gandhak Patthar. The imposter leaves the scene. Later on, she learns the real identity of the imposter. And now, in the upcoming episode of Naagin 5, we will see Bani trying to kill Veer aka Sharad Malhotra. It will so happen that Bani and Veer would be taking a part in the Navratri celebrations. During which Bani would stab Veer with a knife. Veer would learn that she is Naageshwari aka Aadi Naagin. He will be shocked as she would address him with his Satyug name which is Aakesh.

However, just then another Bani would reach the place. Yes, another Bani would reach and stop her lookalike from killing Veer. The latter would be shocked by seeing two Banis in front of him. Who is the real Bani and who is the imposter who tried to kill Veer? Well, it remains to be seen. Till then, check out the promo below:

Meanwhile, in case you don't know, Dheeraj Dhoopar had stepped in for Sharad Malhotra as he had been tested positive for the novel coronavirus a couple of weeks ago. The actor was in quarantine at home for about two weeks. Fans of Vani missed Sharad and Surbhi's chemistry on screen. It would be joyous to see Veer back on the show.



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