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17 Things about Nisha Guragain avatar of TikTok Girl Adult MMS Viral, will surprise you

Nisha Guragain avatar of TikTok Girl Adult MMS Viral, will surprise you, Nisha Guragain , biography, boyfriends, earning, family, etc
Nisha Guragain avatar of TikTok Girl Adult MMS Viral, will surprise you

After the video viral, netizens want to know about Nisha Guragain's biography, wiki, family, education, boyfriends, earning, etc. So we have collected some information for you.

1. Nisha Guragain avatar of Adult MMS Viral will surprise you

In a video that went viral overnight, Tiktok girl Nisha Guragain keeps uploading her new avatar on Instagram. We are showing you the latest gallery.

2. Education

Nisha completed her education from a private school in Mumbai and completed her graduation in commerce.

3. Boyfriend And Dating

Nisha has not revealed much about her personal life. He is reportedly single. However, there are rumors of dating her partner Tick Talk star Vishal Pandey.

4. No With Family

There are few pictures of Nisha showing her with her family.

5. Event Rate

Nisha takes 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees for an event.

6. Stardom With TikTok

Nisha also tried her luck in music videos after achieving stardom through her Tick Talk videos.

7. Music Album

She first appeared in a Punjabi music album in 2019.

8. Second Album

She then appeared in another music video by Sukh Sandhu titled Jatta V Jatta.

9. Nisha On Instagram

Nisha is on many social media platforms. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

10. MMS Viral

Recently, a vulgar MMS is going viral on social media by the name of Tiktok superstar Nisha Gurgan, still, the people in the video have not been revealed.

11. She Was Not Me

However, after MMS went viral, Nisha has clarified that the girl seen in the video is not her.

12. Plz Don't Share

After MMS, Nisha put a video and said stop sharing it.

13. Letter also went viral in the name of Nisha

A letter also went viral under the name of Nisha, stating that the video belongs to him.

14. Stardom Game

Some people say this was done to increase stardom and followings.

15. Now Tiktok Bain

Nisha's response is yet to come after Tiktok has been banned.

16. Popular Tiktok star

Nisha Guragain is a popular TikTok star. He is also an Instagram influencer. Nisha is very fond of modeling and dance.

17. Family And Birth

23-year-old Nisha was born on 1 October 1997 in Mumbai. He was born and raised in a Nepali family.

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