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A new girl in the city, "Passion may lead us to a destiny we could have never imagined" - Ankita Mukhopadhyay

A new girl in the city Kolkata, "Passion may lead us to a destiny we could have never imagined" - Ankita Mukhopadhyay. Inspiring story from kolkata

We all have our own journey, and so has Ankita Mukhopadhyay. Hailing from Barackpur near Kolkata, and currently undergoing a BCA degree course in Techno Main Salt Lake she could have just passed her time like any other college student. However, small achievements led her to a successful blogger and increased her enthusiasm for digital marketing. Success is a result of small steps, which we undergo from time to time, and let's see what steps Ankita took to achieve what she is known for today.

Ankita Mukhopadhyay

Interviewer: You have achieved quite a lot of success till date, how do you looked upon your future in your school life?

Ankita: I was an introvert till class 6. If I honestly talk about my school days, I was actually like a sack of potato, who was unable to fit into any kind of stuff. When I was in class 7 I was first being taken for an exhibition. Arts and entertainment always appeared to be more attractive to me than the boring books calling out for completing the sea of the syllabus! Being born and got up in a family of govt job employees, my parents had huge expectations from me. I can still remember the time when I was in class 10. I am extremely grateful to my honorable principal sir, Mr. C.S.  Bisht, for never letting me fall down even in the darkest days when I didn't have a flame to glitter in. I am also grateful to a handful of staff including, Mr. C.S. Saha, Mr. P. Chowdhury, Mr. N. Sen, Miss S Biswas, Mrs. Sudipta Bhattacharyya, Mrs. Swapna Sannigrahi and Mrs. Rina Sengupta, who always stood as a stick and helped me grow.

Responsibility. This is an entire term that acts as a backbone behind attaining "success". I have learned this entire meaning from my honorable maths teacher, Mr. Nakul Pandit and I am really very much blessed to have these bunch of loved ones on my way.

Though school life to me wasn't that much easy. But, as said, I am grateful to everyone. If they had not challenged me for becoming the best personality and take a place in the millions, I think I could not have achieved at least this much in my life at this very age.

Interviewer: If there is someone, from whom you have learnt many things in life that helped you to reach what you are today, then who that person is, and what help did you get?

Ankita: I have often heard ma saying "We often learn the things we see" And yes, this statement is actually true.

Well, people are basically seen taking up film stars or some famous personalities as their inspiration. But, to me, it's something different.

I am born and taken up in a nuclear family. To be honest, my first and the biggest inspiration of my life is my father, Mr.  Arup Mukhopadhyay. From him, I have learnt the key of happiness. I have learnt to put up a smile in my cheeks, even in the hardest times, and yea, I have learnt the lesson of not to leave a battlefield until we lose!

Through this column I would love to make you hear, that, the kid who cried in your absence is now ready to face the darkness. From the packets of sweets which you gave to the handful of love, support and courage, I am probably the luckiest daughter to have you, bapi!

Secondly, ma. You were disappointed at the time when I was not being able to walk out with a CGPA 10 and an appreciation letter in my hand. You were disappointed, not to see me in the top 10 toppers list. But, I think this note will make you proud at least for a while, isn't it?

Well, I have never seen such a loving, dedicated lady in my whole life span! Managing things, the creations, the creativity, the Innovative ideas are all a copy of my mother's boons!

Mrs. Sathi Ghosh has been my constant support from class 3 to 12. I can't be blessed enough to have her in my life! She had taught me the real meaning of love, care and had placed the entire world in my hand when I had nothing, literally nothing! Not only she's my teacher, but she's also my biggest idol and inspiration and probably she's an inspiration for millions! 

Moreover, I would wholeheartedly love to thank Anubhav Mukherjee da, Soumyadip Modak da for being the monuments of hard work and success and thereby motivating me to achieve even more.

Akash Dutta, a thank you would be really less to say what you actually mean to me.

I would also love to thank my college faculties especially, Mr. S. Chakraborty sir, Mr. Pallab Ganguly, Mrs. Debjani, Mr. Alok for always standing as the strongest pillar, and a ton of thanks to all my mates, juniors and we'll wishers!

Interviewer: You have done school life, and now is in college life, which life do you think is better and in what way?

Ankita: Honestly, my school life and College Life are far different from each other. When I was in school I didn't even know how to cope up with problems. I actually had none, with whom I can come up with a conclusion! Coming to the college was a turning part in my journey. I won't say that I have achieved a lot. I have a long path to traverse yet. All I can say is, now I know how to fight back and make a place in the millions!

Interviewer: What were your struggles at your journey to success? How did you manage to overcome every hurdle?

Ankita: If I talk about struggles, then, I have faced it in every aspect of life. 

I was in my first year when I opened an Instagram account. Previously, I was completely devoted to Facebook and used to spend hours there! This made me think of doing something creative. As a result, I joined my first page, Ami Golpokothok. I am extremely thankful to the entire team of Ami Golpokothok for providing me with this platform which appeared to a key to my lock of happiness. I started working with the other pages. Though I am not yet satisfied to say that I have achieved everything, but yea, in a short time, I have started achieving.

Interviewer: How do you feel about your work? Do you feel anxious, or troubled, or motivated...

Ankita: I have never seen work as a burden. I feel good doing the things and that's the main reason I never get tired of doing. I yet won't say that I am completely satisfied with whatever I am doing, but deep down, I have achieved a level at least, where I have a tincture of fame and power that makes people listen to my words, which I lacked a time. To me, this appears to be as a part of the motivation. Though, I have an aim of being a part of KVS in future, but, I won't be settling this anywhere, as this was the only thing that gave me a field, a voice and an identity in my darkest. 

It's about a month only that I am into this field, and the things I have got is actually more than enough. Thanks to Team Cloudy Boy for being the ultimate platform for my change. Numerous dreams are yet to achieve!

I actually don't know where this road will take me to, all I know is, I now have an identity, a name and a tincture of fame that will put me Awaken in this crowd!

Interviewer: Can you briefly describe what you have achieved, and what are your goals in life?

Ankita: I have started my journey with the page named Ami Golpokothok. AG is a Facebook page paged, and of course a one with some good content!

I joined sohochori as a PR then. I didn't actually have an idea of what I was doing. I talked to sahasrak Ray, founder of AG, for reforming the page and taking it into the field of professionalism. The journey was tough and it still is. But, I at least got an idea for proceeding further. I joined the circus town. But, honestly, could not profit much from that. So, thought of moving to some other goals. I started joining Instagram pages.

I joined the inked voices. This proved to a bit beneficial. 

On the 29th of August 2020, I thought of coming up with something of my own. Joining the team "Team Cloudy Boy" acted as the chocolate to my pie. I started implementing every idea of mine there. I still won't say, " we are successful", but to some extent we are. In a month, we have started our entire plans and are in a move to spread our hands in the upcoming months, and take up a place among millions soon.

To me, this was never a competition and is still not one.  I always wanted to have an identity, something different and unique that will make people stare at least once. And, as a result, I worked on this. My future isn't about working on these, but a part of my future, past and present will always lie on this.

So that's it from Ankita. "No matter what, we should follow our passion. Passion may lead us to a destiny we could have never imagined of." - this is all she believes, and tell others to follow. The journey from a simple person doing her curriculum to what she is today is indeed very fascinating. We all learn from our mistakes, and Ankita too learnt a lot, rectified herself, and moved forward in life to her goals. However, it was never money that she has been after. In her own words - "Money is not the only parameter of satisfaction. It may be a part of the satisfaction, but not the whole."

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