7 Mistakes the Guys do while dressing, you should never repeat again - Men's Fashion Tips

7 Mistakes the Guys do while dressing - Men's Fashion Tips

Men's Fashion is all about grooming and to find some similar tips and dressing ideas, Bgs Raw brought to you the 7 ways men are dressing wrong. But before we get into it, I want you to know that even if you read the whole blog and you look at all the styles and you still want to dress in any of these styles, then go for it because it is your life and nobody can really tell you how to dress.

But also, remember, other people will make assumptions about who you are based on the way that you dress. And so your clothing style is very important, especially for first impressions. All right. Let's not waste any more time.

Let's get right into the Blog. All right, let's start with the first one,

1. Dirty Shoes


Shoes speak a lot louder than words and your shoes. They say a lot about the person that you are. So pitching up for a job interview or for just the first day, not just not banging Jean's style.

2. Hanging jeans Style's


Oh, man. This dog used to be in for a very short time. Well, probably because of a few famous rappers. But guys, there is no other style out there like this one that gets a lot of people the impression that you are lazy and no one wants to look at your underwear the whole time to be a gentleman, have some class, get a belt and hide the underwear 

3. Sandals with socks.


Socks are made for shoes, sandals.

No, no. For some cultures this is acceptable. But if you live in a country where this is not really 

4. Big jeans


Never wear jeans that are too big for you. Why? Because, number one, they just look back. Number two, when they're big, you usually need to make the belt tighter and then you get this extra material in the front and you might give some people the wrong impression when they see it. Now, if you can fit two fingers in between your hip and a waistband, then you know it is the right size. 

5.Large brand names.


Well, first of all, you should never buy clothes just because of the brand. You should buy it for the right combination of style, quality, comfort, and price. And those things need to go together in the right balance. Now, you guys know that I've worked for hundreds of brands out there, and I know that some of the hike up the prices just because of the name of the brand, because of the quality. Now, the second reason why you should never wear big branded names is that you're a walking advertisement for them and they're not even paying clothing brands that display their names or even their logos in a big way.

It's a very, very smart marketing move from their side. The third reason is a lot of people out there buy expensive brands and they want the names to be on their clothes so that everybody can see it. They think that for some reason, if they wear it that way, other people see it and they will value them a little bit higher. Don't fall for the big trap of brand names.

Now, let's move on. 

6. Pants that are too tight


Some men, yes, they look great. Skinny jeans, slim for jeans, pale excellent, the jeans as well. But if they're too tight, it just looks really bad, especially with the whole crotch area showing just. No, no.

7. Wearing the same color for your whole outfit

Not less, is neutral colors don't wear the same color from head to toe. It just looks really bad.

And just a bonus tip, even if you have the best clothing style out there in the whole world, but you wear it in an arrogant, egotistical way, then it will look like the worst style ever because your personality is a lot more important than your clothing style. A big wearing a diamond is still pink. Now the best way to dress is to stick to the basic clothing essentials that never go out of style.

And then you wear it in a humble but confident way. And if you're still not sure what to wear. Do comment and let us know if we can help you to find the best outfits for you.



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