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Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers & They Look Better Than His Duffle Bag Worth Rs 1.2 Lakh

There's a reason why we are obsessed with dissecting Maniesh Paul's airport looks, every time he is spotted at the airport.

While he has already struck a chord with us all with his flawless anchoring skills, he also has a commendable sense of style and is one of the biggest sneakerheads, seen in some of the quirkiest pairs we have spotted on celebrities.

Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers © Viral Bhayani

The man is all about stepping out looking eccentric with multicoloured sneakers and just when we thought we have seen it all, he turned up at Mumbai airport, wearing mismatched sneakers, giving an illusion that he is wearing two different pairs at the same time. 

Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers © Viral Bhayani

Before we get into the details of the exciting pair of shoes he wore, let's talk about his outfit. 

Firstly, the sweatshirt that Maniesh is wearing here, does the double duty of working as an overall face mask along with a comfortable sweatshirt for the airport. 

The style has understated aesthetic but has an athleisure vibe that's working really well for him here. The way he has paired the maroon sweatshirt with black joggers looks spot on.

Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers © Louis Vuitton

As for the more details of this look, Maniesh is also seen carrying an elegant travel bag in Damier Graphite Canvas, by Louis Vuitton. This is one of the most functional bags and many celebrities are seen flying out carrying this duffle from LV. 

Besides that, well, it costs a bomb. The bag is worth 1400 Euros, which, if converted to Indian currency, is worth Rs 1,23,043. Yes, let that sink in.

Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers © StockX

However, the most interesting thing about the whole look, undoubtedly, are the sneakers he wore. 

Maniesh is yet again seen in a mismatched pair, called Air Jordan 1 Mid Multicolour sneakers. The pair has a punchy pastel palette, with soft hues and the bold colours are dispersed well in abstract fashion with the inverse counterpart, that looks wild and yet blends perfectly together. 

Branding is present on both the collar flaps and the shoe is finished with white accentuated midsole.

Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers © StockX

As for the price, these sneakers are listed on Stockx currently for Rs 17,300 approximately. 

Coming to the overall appeal of this pair, even though they look like two different shoes, they do sit well in contrast with the rest of his outfit.  

Maniesh Paul Wore Two Different Sneakers © Viral Bhayani

All in all, a cool way to stand out at the airport, Maniesh. Keep'em coming!

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