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Sonu Sood moved to tears by Bihar fan cycling to meet him in Mumbai

There seems to be no end to Sonu Sood’s glory and triumphs. Even as you read this a fan of the actor-activist from Begusarai named Armaan is cycling to Mumbai to meet Sonu and to thank him personally for all that he has done for migrants. Just before he left for Mumbai Armaan told a Bihar news channel that Sonu Sood had helped lakhs of migrants and he, Armaan, wanted to thank and hug his hero.

Sonu Sood moved to tears by Bihar fan cycling to meet him in Mumbai

On hearing of this fan’s fanaticism, Sonu Sood was moved to tears. “He is cycling all the way from Begusarai to meet me. I am keeping track. He is now in Varanasi. I am requesting him to not cycle all the way and to take a flight for the rest of the way from Varanasi to Mumbai and that I’ll send him back by flight from Mumbai to Bihar. I hope I convince him. I am on the job.”

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Sonu can’t believe the volume of love that he’s getting from those whom he has helped. “I am getting far more back than what I’ve given. Who gets this kind of love? I’m truly blessed.”

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