Instagrammer Anna Leikovic Allegedly Murdered her Mother, she was a medical student

Instagrammer Anna Leikovic Allegedly Murdered her Mother, she was a medical student. Who is Anna Leikovic? How many followers she gain? Why Anna viral
Instagrammer Anna Leikovic Allegedly Murdered her Mother, she was a medical student

This report of Anna Leikovic who is a medical student as well as an Instagram influencer allegedly killed her mother in the most brutal way, you'll shock to read. Know 6 Things about this Medical Student! Was Anna a druggie? How many followers she gain? Why Anna Leikovic is trending everywhere?

This is a crime story of the eastern European country of Moldova, a girl who crossed all limits of cruelty and killed her mother.

A 21-year-old Ana Leikovic is revealed by the fact that she attacked her mother first with a knife used in the kitchen and then cut off the heart and other organs, and then separated from the body, Has died.

According to a report from Daily Mail Online, her mom was still alive after the attack, then the murder decided to rip the heart out of the chest of a dying woman.

Who is Anna Leikovic

Who is Anna Leikovic?

Anna Leikovic is a medical student of 21 years old and also an Instagram influencer, who want to be famous on social media.

Anna Leikovic Mother

Anna's Mother!

Ana's mother Praskovya Lakovich was 40 years old and used to work in Germany.

Mother suspected of taking Ana's drugs!

According to DailyMail's report, Ana's mother suspected that her daughter had started taking drugs and that she had arranged for treatment. Anna reportedly got angry at her mother The same is believed to be the reason behind the murder.

Mother loved ana!

Ana's uncle said about the allegation that Praskovya loved her daughter very much and she used to try to spend more and more time with her. It took just two hours to tell the police that Ana was the main suspect. I could not even imagine it.

Anna Leikovic reaction towards Mother's death

Ana's reaction to her mother's death!

Meanwhile, a video has surfaced of Ana, in which the police have taken her to court for production. During this time, when a journalist asked if you killed your mother and cut the body parts? After this Ana replied with a laugh, 'Goodbye.'

How many followers she gain on instagram

Anna's Popularity on Instagram!

The medical student only boasted 9,400 followers on Instagram before the murder, which is not much for a full-blown Instagram influencer. However, reports say she had a desire to become famous. Now, she has an impressive 15k followers — mostly due to her name being in the news now for allegedly brutally murdering her mother as per the report of Distractify.

She uses the handle @leksaaam and posts mainly selfies or solo shots of her traveling. Similar to other influencers, Anna’s content ranges from travel shots across Europe, including at the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and in front of designer shops such as Gucci and Prada. She can also be seen smiling with friends and showing off her workout routine.

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