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Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli is BADTAMEEZ, say fans – view poll result

Nikki Tamboli

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli is the first contestant to be confirmed in this season. The show has been doing great and Nikki has been considered as one of the strongest since the first day. She had impressed the toofani seniors and the audience with her talking style and her way of playing the game. Nikki Tamboli has been someone who played only for herself first and did not care what others think of her. She played the game for herself and was going great. She was eliminated during the finale and then returned back in the show. Post she returned we saw her changed and she began playing in groups. Recently, during one of the weekend ka vaar, contestants were asked by Salman Khan to name the nominated contestant they would like to see out of the house. Maximum contestants took Nikki Tamboli's name. And most of them said that she is very rude and doesn't respect a lot of fellow contestants.

Salman Khan also gave her a pep talk and calmly told her that if so many people are telling that she is misbehaving, she has to listen to them. He says she can improve if she is not eliminated. In a recent fight with Sonali Phogat, Nikki went on to call her a 'ghatiya aurat' (cheap woman) and said that she doesn't get bhaav (attention) on the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. Sonali Phogat's friend and political advisor Sudhir Sangwan slammed Nikki for her misbehaviour. Post this, we had asked fans if they feel that Nikki Tamboli is badtameez or not. Fans say that Nikki Tamboli is badtameez. Out of 4587 votes, 2900 people said that yes she is badtameez while the remaining 1687 said that she is not badtameez. Take a look at the results below:

Well, it seems Nikki Tamboli needs to be a bit polite now.

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