Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant's mother Jaya reveals that Ritesh is taking care of her medical bills; says, 'He is trying hard to come to India'


Bigg Boss 14 has got the entertainment quotient after the entry of Rakhi Sawant. There have been a lot of references to Ritesh, her husband on the show. Rakhi Sawant has revealed how she is in turmoil as he has not come in front of the world and accepted her as his wife. There are many people who have doubts if she is indeed married. Now, Rakhi Sawant's mother Jaya in an interview to Pinkvilla has said that Ritesh is footing her medical bills. She is hospitalized for a tumour in the abdomen. She was suffering internal bleeding and needs to be operated soon.

Talking to The Times Of India, Jaya Sawant said, "Yes, Rakhi's husband Ritesh is taking care of me and all the medical bills and everything. He is there for us. He is trying hard to come to India and I have asked him to come ahead and reveal his identity. He has assured me that he will come before the audience and accept Rakhi as his wife. He is a very good human being and I just want them to be together and happy in their married life." Ritesh has also spoken to a paper before.
Her husband Ritesh in an interview blasted Rahul Mahajan for calling Rakhi Sawant a cheap celebrity. He said, "Rakhi did not have education or any godfather in the industry but she still made it in Bollywood because of her hard work and talent. Rakhi is self-made. What is Rahul Mahajan's existence? If you remove his father and sister's name from his life, nobody knows him." He has said that he is in international business, and cannot reveal his identity for some reasons. He also defended Rakhi Sawant in the Deepak Kalal matter. He said she did it for a friend, and did not expect such a hullabaloo.

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