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Anupamaa: Sudhanshu Pandey REACTS on winning the best actor award for Rupali Ganguly's show

Rupali Ganguly's Anupamaa has been winning the hearts of the audience with its relevant plot and amazing performances by the entire cast. While the show is topping the TRP charts, Sudhanshu Pandey recently bagged the best actor award for his performance at the 20th edition ITA Awards 2020. Expressing his happiness, the actor told Lehren, "I couldn't have asked for a better start for me. After a long gap I am back on tv. This was my first daily show and just about 6 to 7 months old and I won the best actor award it's nothing short of a blessing, I think God has been very kind. All the hard work that I've done finally paid off. I am not saying that other people don't work hard but I think you feel rewarded when people acknowledge your good work and they appreciate it in the form of votes and they vote for you in such numbers that you actually win the award. So I am feeling very good".

Speaking about his character Vanraj Shah, he added, "According to me Vanraj is a character I won't say they don't love. But they love to hate him is how I would like to put it. I think it's because of his behavior and the very unpredictable nature of Vanraj Shah is that makes the show interesting. Anupamaa gets all the sympathy from the audience and that is probably because Vanraj is behaving so badly with her. At the same time, people want to see Anupamaa also become strong and give it back to him. And in this whole desire to see these characters to get what they deserve, this hatred is a form of love. That's the reason why I think I've been rewarded".

When asked, to whom he wants to dedicate this award, he replied, "This award is dedicated to all the viewers who actually voted for me and all the friends and family who prayed for me. Rajan has been very kind to say and acknowledge the fact that I am doing a good job as an actor. I think it's just very kind of him to say that and I am so glad that he has entrusted his faith upon me to play this character. When he came to me and told me that I don't think I would go to anybody else for this character because in my mind you can play this best, since then it was a huge responsibility for me to play this character and give my 100% to it. And I am glad today it has been acknowledged and I am so happy that he is happy".

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