Bigg Boss 14: 'Ab nahin raha jaata yahan,' Aly Goni breaks down as he sees his mother and sister's new born baby

Ab nahin raha jaata yahan,' Aly Goni breaks down

Bigg Boss 14 will soon get the winner of the show. The show is going on well and the TRPs of the show has also increased. Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Rubina Dilaik and Nikki Tamboli are in the top five currently. Aly Goni had entered the show as a wild-card contestant and has had an amazing journey. However, it has been a record that the wild-card contestants do not win the show but looking at Aly's journey it seems he can win Bigg Boss 14. Aly came in the house for Jasmin Bhasin and even left the show for her in between. However, he was brought back. Post his return, we could see Aly playing the game for himself and wants to win it as well. He did meet his sister Ilham during the family week through a video call. Later she delivered a baby and Aly wished to see her baby.

During the last task, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to share their last wish of the season. Aly asked Bigg Boss to let him do a video call to his mother and see his sister's newborn baby. Bigg Boss has granted the wish. In the promo, we see Aly Goni seeing his mother and his sister's baby through video call. Aly cannot control his feelings and starts crying. His mother tells him that they all missed him a lot and Aly said that even he missed them. Aly tells his mother that now he cannot stay here and that he is very tired. He says that some people here are really nice but some really hurt him.


He says that he cannot be fake and his mother tells him that he was not fake and that she is proud of him. Aly says that all that she had taught him helped him. His mother calls him a winner. Aly then kisses his sister's baby and thanked Bigg Boss.

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