Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant reveals she washed the underwear of all BB 1 contestants; body shames Rahul Mahajan as 'pot-bellied man'

Bigg Boss 14 is heading towards the finale. Yesterday, we saw a funny conversation between Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Vaidya. She told him that she washed the underwear of all contestants in Bigg Boss season one. Rahul Vaidya says why she did only wash undies and why this strange fetish. Rakhi Sawant says it was interesting. She said knickers tells a lot about the personality of people. Rakhi Sawant reveals she enjoyed washing the undies of all the contestants. Rahul Vaidya asks Rakhi Sawant if she liked Rahul Mahajan and she replies that she does not like him. She makes fun of his flabby stomach.

Rahul Vaidya says that it is not important for every man to have six packs. A woman can be attracted to other qualities as well. Rakhi Sawant says that women find it very difficult when they get men with pot bellies. Rahul Vaidya asks her what is wrong with men with some flab. Rakhi Sawant says you should understand what I am trying to say. Rahul Vaidya says even his father has a belly. Rakhi Sawant says he is not at an age when he would be romancing any one.

Talking about Rakhi Sawant, Devoleena Bhattacharjee told The Times Of India, "People judge Rakhi Sawant a lot, that too without knowing her. Once a person gets to know her then they will understand that what a wonderful human being she is. I won't deny that she says a lot of things in rage, but she doesn't have any bad intentions behind it. Moreover, jo wo bolti hain zaruri nahi hai that she means it that way. Sitting with her and talking about her life and experiences she has gained over the years is so inspiring. It is commendable."


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