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Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant says motherhood is her priority now, ' I don't need a Vicky Donor for my child, I need a father'

Bigg Boss 14 saw Rakhi Sawant as one of the finalist. Many fans of Salman Khan's show have credited her for infusing life into what was termed as a dead season for more than two months. Rakhi Sawant with her antics, which were even downright cringe-worthy gave the show the necessary dose of entertainment. It is remarkable that she without a publicist managed to make it to the top five of the show. On the show, she was seen crying before Sonali Phogat that she wants to become a mother. Sonali Phogat and Devoleena Bhattacharjee told her that she could freeze her eggs and have a child. But Rakhi Sawant said she wants a father for her kids.

Rakhi Sawant told The Times Of India, "Now my priority is to become a mother and experience motherhood. I don't need a Vicky Donor for my child, I need a father. I don't want to be a single mother. I don't know how this will happen, but I really wish it does. I just hope there comes a solution for this as I still have my eggs frozen." Devoleena had told her that she could be more empowered in making such a huge decision.

The lady reiterated that her husband, Ritesh did exist and he was not such a fictional character. She told The Times Of India, "Of course Ritesh is there, I am married to him and we both love each other a lot. He is a big businessman who has a good number of workers under him. Though we got married, our marriage never got solemnized in the true sense. Later, I got to know that he already has a wife and a child, which was a secret all this while but now it is out. I am sure he must have seen the episodes of Bigg Boss and now I don't know how he will react. He always wanted to keep our marriage a secret for a lot of reasons. But at the same time, I don't know if we'll ever divorce each other. Let's see what life has in store for me."

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