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Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik does not want to put Aly Goni in a fix with Jasmin Bhasin; says, 'She's still carrying the baggage of the show'

After facing a lot of criticism and a slow start, Rubina Dilaik has lifted up the Bigg Boss 14 trophy. Unlike many others, Bigg Boss was never on the wish-list of the Shakti actress. Rubina Dilaik has made good friends on the show, and one of them is Aly Goni. He has been full of praise for the Shakti actress saying that he loves her like a sister. Aly Goni also said that she looked after him like a mother after he was left devastated with Jasmin Bhasin's elimination from the show. However, when Jasmin Bhasin entered the show as a connection for Aly Goni it was evident that she has not got over what happened inside the house.

Rubina Dilaik told Film Window, "My relationship with Aly Goni will continue. It is a beautiful bond. It will continue irrespective of my equation with Jasmin Bhasin. But I do not want to put him in a spot. He should not be troubled. As for Jasmin, I have no hard feelings. But I feel Jasmin Bhasin is still carrying grudges and bitterness in her heart. She still has the baggage of Bigg Boss 14. I want to give her the space to get over it, and we can think of it. I am always open to it."

Her in-laws are thrilled with Rubina Dilaik's victory. Abhinav Shukla father said in an interview, "It is a fair judgement. Rubina has fought hard, and played well throughout. We were little nervous till the end. The whole family is extremely proud of her." Coming outside, Rubina Dilaik posted a video thanking the 'Rubiholics' fandom for their tremendous support.

We wish Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin all the best for the journey ahead.


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