Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik's BFF, Srishty Rode, REVEALS how season 12 was different and BORING from the current one

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rubina Dilaik's BFF Srishty Rode has been cheering for her. She has supported Rubina throughout her journey. For the unversed, Srishty Rode was also a part of Bigg Boss 12. Bigg Boss 12 has been known as the most boring season until now. Dipika Kakar had won that season and cricketer Sreesanth was the runner-up. Now, in an interview with ETimes, Srishty Rode spoke about Bigg Boss 14 and how her season was different from the current one. Srishty said, "I feel my season was very different from this season because in season 12 we had commoners and celebrities, a mix of both whereas there were only celebs in this one. I feel that this itself makes a lot of difference because celebrities have a certain image among audiences which they have to constantly stick to, along with being real and honest to people which I feel is difficult."

"On the other hand, commoners have a good chance to create a certain image for themselves on this big platform. This season had too many entries and exits plus wild cards which never happened in our time. We had wild card entries but that was just once, here there have constantly been new entries. I don't support entry exit policy, " she added. She was also asked if she is glad that she was a part of Bigg Boss 12. Srishty said, "Not really. I feel I was in the wrong season. My season was boring and I couldn't put my best foot forward. There were jodis and I felt left out because everyone had some connection with each other. I couldn't show my real side to people which is very bubbly and lively, so if given another chance, I would like to show that side to people."

Srishty Rode was asked what she felt was wrong about Bigg Boss 14. She said, "I just felt it once when Rakhi Sawant pulled Abhinav Shukla's drawstring. When he was uncomfortable and reacted in a way, Bigg Boss told him that he overreacted a little, but aren't the reactions supposed to be natural on this reality show? I felt he was natural and real, he didn't like it and so reacted. Even Rakhi should have been told not to cross the line, but instead Abhinav was asked not to overreact. Apart from this, I don't feel there was anything that was was unfair to anyone."

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