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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin SPOILER ALERT: Pakhi is distraught on seeing Virat and Sai bonding as husband-wife

In the previous episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, we saw Virat Chavan aka Neil Bhatt getting angry with Sai aka Ayesha Singh. The former did not like Sai visiting her professor Dr Pulkit Deshpande aka Yash Pandit for lunch. Sai had not informed Virat about her professor's lunch plan and hence, he hurt was hurt. In his anger, Virat held Sai's hand forcefully and had even stopped her from eating lunch. This had hurt Sai very much and she had decided to leave the house. However, Ashwini, Virat's mother made him realise his mistake. She later sought forgiveness from Sai. After having a heart-to-heart talk with one another, they patch things up.

Since he stopped Sai from having lunch, Virat surprises her with Candy floss and street food which she loves. In tonight's episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, we will see Sai and Virat bonding over food. Sai slyly taunts Virat over the food he brought for her, but the latter is amused with her antics. Ashwini who was worried sick for Virat and Sai was relieved to see them together. However, when Pakhi aka Aishwarya Sharma comes to Virat and Sai's room to call him for dinner, she is shocked to see them together, enjoying food.

Pakhi who thought them to be at loggerheads is shocked to see them having patched up things. Pakhi taunts Virat and Sai on enjoying a hearty meal after creating a ruckus in the house. Sai gives it back to her savagely and Virat stands by Sai. Upon seeing Virat taking Sai's side, Pakhi is furious with him. However, Virat gets angry at Pakhi for making a fuss over nothing. When Pakhi says that Sai is insulting her, Virat takes Sai's side and says that she is not insulting her. Pakhi will be distraught on seeing this and leave the room. When Pakhi gets a call from her mother, she learns that husband and wife fight and patches up soon after. Seeing Virat and Sai's bond on the same lines, Pakhi will be heartbroken.

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