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Kapil Sharma REVEALS why he was being taken away on a wheelchair

Kapil Sharma, on Monday, had grabbed eyeballs for his mercurial temper when he was being escorted on a wheelchair at the airport. While exiting Mumbai airport, the comedian had a spat with media photographers and video persons who rushed towards him to capture his pictures. He was later also heard hurling abuse at the photo journalists. Many people wondered if Kapil Sharma suffered any health issues. The comedian has now revealed the reason why he was in a wheelchair.

When Kapil was asked about his unusual spotting at the airport, he told Bollywood Hungama, "Hello sir. M good, bus gym me thorra back injury ho gyi, it will b fine in few days, thank you for the concern regards."

In the video, Kapil's bodyguard is seen taking the lead and asking the photographers to step back, to which one of the lenspersons replied, "We are clicking pictures from a distance." Kapil then shouts at the photographers, saying, "Tum badtameeziyan karte ho (You guys misbehave) Ull* ke Patt**"!"

This left the photographers baffled, and someone from Kapil's team is seen trying to pacify the angry paparazzi, asking them to delete the video. One of the paparazzi replied, "He has abused us. We will not delete the video." Eyewitnesses claimed that Kapil's bodyguard pushed the media persons first and then he shouted at them.

Kapil Sharma has had previous instances where he lost his cool, getting into arguments. His infamous fight with co-star Sunil Grover on a flight was spoken about extensively, when Kapil reportedly threw a shoe at Sunil.

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