Pandya Store: LATEST UPDATE on the fire that had broken out on the set of Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi's TV show

Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi came together for a new show titled Pandya Store. The show began on January 25, 2021 and has been appreciated by the audience. It is the remake of the Tamil series Pandian Stores. The story of show is about a unique family drama based on the life of an elder brother who along with his caring wife, shoulders the responsibilities and takes care of the needs of their family and business at the same time. The show has been going on well but today earlier in the morning, a fire broke out on the sets of the show. A source close to ETimes said, "It must have been around 2.30 am in the morning when the fire broke out in the makeup room of the show. Some parts of sets, some costumes and some shoot material caught fire and were completely burnt. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Immediately the fire was put out and no major causality has been reported."

The producers of the show, Sunjoy Waddhwa & Comall Sunjoy Waddhwa in an official statement said, "A part of the set of the show Pandya Store caught fire post-pack-up of the shoot. The extent of damage in respect of this accident, is yet to be determined. The magnitude of the fire was minor in nature and has not disrupted our operations. Everyone, including the artists and the crew members, are safe and shooting has resumed." Talking about the show, as per reports, it will soon take a leap of a few years. The current wedding track in the show got good response and we saw a growth in the TRP ratings of the show. Earlier, Kinshuk Mahajan in an interview with ETimes, spoke about how he prepared for his role.

He said, "This family drama is comparatively different from what I have experimented with before. In my previous shows, I have essayed strong, and intense characters and here I got an opportunity to play a responsible, caring and loving elder brother. Hence when this came my way I knew I had to take it up. To fit into the skin of my character I had to lose about 5kgs and had a grueling diet. Also since this show is based in Somnath, Gujarat, I had to work on my dialect, luckily Shiny, my co-actor was my guide. I had such a fun time getting to know the language, trying to find it within me to find the tonality, the pronunciation, everything. Above all, shooting in Somnath and Bikaner was a blessing since I also got an opportunity to observe the characteristics of the localities and imbibe the same for my character, keeping it real and authentic."

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