Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai SPOILER ALERT: Kartik in doubt about Sirat being Naira; decides to look for his name tattoo on her neck


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's new story has caught all the attention of the audience. We have seen a lot of changes in the show post Naira's death. While many thought Shivangi Joshi will be leaving the show, she returned as Sirat. Kartik and Sirat's love story is about to begin now. Kairav's health deteriorates after he sees Sirat and believes she is Naira. However, Kartik tries hard to convince him that she is not his mother. Finally, the doctors ask Kartik to bring Sirat home for some time so that Kairav feels good. Sirat on the other hand, struggles to save her grandmother who needs urgent surgery but they do not have enough money. Sirat's stepfather deceives her and snatches away her home. Kartik reaches Jaisalmer and helps Sirat.

In return, he requests Sirat to help his son and stay with them in Goenka villa. Sirat does agree and is about to leave for Goenka villa when her mother and stepfather ask her to leave the house as it is their now. Sirat is left with no other way but to take her grandmother along with her to Goenka villa. However, the Goenkas except Kartik and Kairav are not happy with Sirat getting her grandmother with her. They feel Sirat is taking advantage of being Naira's lookalike and wants money. In the upcoming episodes, we will see Kairav getting close to Sirat while Kartik feels happy about Kairav feeling good. However, as Sirat celebrates Basant Panchami with the Goenkas she calls Kartik 'Mendak' and he remembers Naira.

He is shocked to hear that word from Sirat and starts doubting that Sirat is Naira. He is once again in doubt and feels maybe Naira's memory has lost as earlier she had a clot in her brain. He will then remember Naira's tattoo and decides to check if Sirat also has that tattoo.

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